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Xperia X Performance Audio Capability Is Off The Chart!
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Xperia X Performance audio capability is off the chart!

I’m listening to some music and I’m floored by the quality of the sound I’m hearing. This device has the ability to adjust the quality of the sound on the fly base on the type of headset connected to it, not only can it do this on the fly, there’s a function on it called DSEE HX which restores high-range on a compressed piece of audio and it’s doing it really well. Making the audio sound even better than before. I can’t say it enough the Xperia X Performance audio capability is off the chart!

I’ve been playing with a few different pair of headphones, in-ear, overhear, corded, wireless and the likes and they’ll seem to adjust automatically and sounds pretty fantastic. There’s still some noticeable differences if you pay attention, but Sony is doing well in that department to make sure that a $30 set works just as well as the $100 ones.

It’s important to note that you need a wired headset to get the best output out of what Sony’s providing on the Xperia X. As much as I like to go wireless everything, when it comes to music, you still need to be connected to experience the best.

The front facing speaker is pretty decent by themselves, I find that they tend to sound better than the HTC 10 and a bit underwhelmed when compared to the Nexus 6P. With that said, it is definitively a decent sound and it majors up to the competition nicely. All of this at the end of the day is purely base on personal preferences. Others will have a different perspective on the matter and it’s perfectly fine.

If you have a Xperia X Performance device, I’d like to hear from you! Comment, share, interact with us. You can also find me over @

Xperia X Performance Audio Capability Is Off The Chart! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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