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“Milo” The micro suction cup stand designed to hold your phone and make it look good

Martin Guay
My work office is a pretty bland, nothing really of interest beside the desktop computer I use. I need something with a different approach. I wanted to have a bit of flair, style and that looked good just standing there. That’s why I’ve got Milo...
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Future proof your charging needs with Aukey’s USB-A & USB-C charging station

Martin Guay
Let’s face it, USB-C isn’t going anywhere and more devices will start creeping up all over the place with this standard. Might be time to think about getting yourself a future proof charging and having it backwards compatible? Benson the Google engineer, notes that this...
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MH30 on-ear headphones from Master & Dynamic (REVIEW)

Martin Guay
If you’re in the market for a pair of headphone that delivers top notch sound, has a unique design, takes focus on providing a quality product, you’d be hard pressed to pass over Master & Dynamic MH30’s. The MH30’s are the smaller more compact version...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 VRS Design High Pro Shield Case recommendation

Martin Guay
Diving into VRS Design with the High Pro Shield is the right choice to make for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Just like the Nexus 6P VRS hits all the right notes. Let me point out that VRS Design does offer a great selection...
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[Review] Android TV solution? Cheap, reliable, fast? PROBOX2 Z kicks you right in the teeth!

Martin Guay
Looking at possible solutions to replace my ageing laptop as a media centre, I turned myself over to the AndroidTV space. You have many different types of AndroidTV on the market, but what is it do you really need? Where do I buy one? What...
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Winner: Tina Lee – #Canadian #Giveaway from #Cryovex #smartphone care package

Martin Guay
Winner: Tina Lee and I’ve contacted you via the provided email. Congratulation. First #Giveaway being done from Cryovex – Android news and all the bytes and it’s available to all Canadians across Canada. Due to shipping restrictions, I can’t make it global since this is...
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