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How-to DISABLE Google’s Feed content in the Google app

Martin Guay
I’ve noticed that the Feed content in the Google App likes to refresh often here’s a how-to DISABLE Google’s Feed content in the Google app. Many people make use of the Feed that is provided in the Google App, the advantages are that Google delivers...
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I took a new route that went root and now I’m exploring the Nexus 6P’s extra potential!

Martin Guay
I opted for something different this time and I took a new route that went root and I’m now expanding what the Nexus 6P can do for me in terms of performance, gaming, work and beyond. Rooting isn’t something new for many but can be...
Android Featured Security Tips & Tricks

Are you using some security on your smartphone? Password? Encryption?

Martin Guay
The topic of smartphone security or securing one’s devices has been at the forefront of a lot of conversation both at home and at the office. It’s been in the media and anywhere else. It remains a big security threat and most people don’t even...
Android Android Apps Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks – What you might not know

Martin Guay
While many people have smartphones operating with Android, not many are aware of all the nook and crannies that it offers. Hopefully, you’ll be learning about a few points that you didn’t know existed. Have you ever made use of the Smart Lock feature? It...
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Android News & All the Bytes is a website where technology meets consumers. People can find reviews, tech information, news releases, gadgets and interesting topics. We delve into Android devices, gadgets, accessories, home automation and even gaming. You could say we are an all-around tech crew.The idea came around late 2015 to develop into what it is today. As you might note the name “Android News & All the Bytes” covers a variety of fun things.

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