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As a content creator, blogger, tech reviewer, Martin Guay is building a strong presence online with Android News & All the Bytes; This allows for a variety of format that offers many opportunities for brand integration. The benefit of these arrangements is the ability to bring to his audience products that can sometimes escape the public eye. Take a moment to check out the Media Kit which will provide more in-depth information.

Do you have an inquiry that might require more than the form provided? Send an email to business-inquiry [@] cryovex [dot]com.

**The email address has been modified to make it harder for bots to scrap it.

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    Android News & All the Bytes
    Android News & All the Bytes is a website where technology meets consumers. People can find reviews, tech information, news releases, gadgets and interesting topics. We delve into Android devices, gadgets, accessories, home automation and even gaming. You could say we are an all-around tech crew.The idea came around late 2015 to develop into what it is today. As you might note the name “Android News & All the Bytes” covers a variety of fun things.

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