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As a content creator, blogger, and tech reviewer, Martin Guay is building a strong presence online with Android News & All the Bytes; This allows for a variety of format that offers many opportunities for brand integration. The benefit of these arrangements is the ability to bring to his audience products that can sometimes escape the public eye. Take a moment to check out the Media Kit which will provide more in-depth information.


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Level Up Your ‘Modern Warfare 3' Gameplay with Season 1

The wait is over - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's highly

Martin Guay Martin Guay 3 Min Read

iStorage diskAshur M2 2TB Encrypted Portable SSD Review

The iStorage diskAshur M2 is a rugged, highly secure portable SSD offering

4.5 out of 5Overall though, iStorage checked more security boxes consistently than the competitors I evaluated. Protection merits premium costs for high-risk data transport.

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