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In general, there are two types of keyboards: basic and extended. Basic keyboards have a variety of features such as styles and colours. Extended keyboards have many different features too, like how much pressure you need to push them and the noise they make when you type. There are also different types of keyboard technology with unique features, such as scissor-switch keyboards on laptops and full press membrane keyboards on desktop computers.

  • Wired Keyboards
  • Numeric Keypads
  • Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Wireless Keyboards
  • Bluetooth Keyboards
  • Magic Keyboards
  • Gaming Keyboards
  • Flexible Keyboards
  • Membrane Keyboards
  • Mechanical Keyboards

It’s all about the keyboard. It’s a big decision. You’re going to be using it for many hours per day, so it’s important that you find one that suits your needs best. Sometimes it’s best to do what you know and go with a keyboard that has the same features and layout as a recent model you liked. Other times, it’s best to really dig deep into the possibilities and consider all the available options.

But what about the mouse?

In this modern age, there are so many types of devices that it can be hard to know which one to use. A computer mouse is a great input device for laptops and desktops. There are many designs available, each with its own benefits.

  • Wired Mouse
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Bluetooth Mouse
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Ergonomic Mouse
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Zephyr Ultra lightweight Gaming Mouse with a crazy Cooling System!

Martin Guay
Zephyr Ultra lightweight Gaming Mouse Found an interesting Kickstarter that aligns with my current series. They’ve already reached their goal, and they plan to ship out devices in October 2020. Zephyr Ultra lightweight Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Cooling System is LIVE on Kickstarter! It’s the...
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Overview Viper Gaming V551 Mouse – Review

Martin Guay
Overview Viper Gaming V551 Mouse – Review; Here’s some gaming news for the pc gaming fans. I’m testing out the V551 from Viper Gaming. While the mouse performs as expected I do see a drawback. I’ll be going over the specs, details, the software. Also...
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Plugable – A Gaming keyboard with Outemu Red Switches

Martin Guay
On June 4, 2019 – Plugable, the leading developer of USB and Thunderbolt devices launched two new Performance Mechanical Keyboards with linear red switches, the freshest additions to its PC gaming line. The Outemu Red switches on the keyboard are definitely quieter than your typical...
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Dope Gaming Keyboard V765 Viper Gaming : Review

Martin Guay
I have reviewed a few gaming keyboards over the past year. To this day, I have not found what I needed in a mechanical gaming keyboard. The V765 from Viper Gaming may just have changed that. This is a sponsored review in partnership with Viper...
Featured Gaming Hardware Keyboard & Mouse Reviews

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard : Review

Martin Guay
Viper Gaming is sponsoring this review of the V770 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard! I’ll give you some of my experiences and provide you with how I feel the keyboard has worked out for me. [amazon box=”B072JX9KRQ”] The V770 starts with a detailed crafted aluminum chassis which...
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