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Let’s not bore you with a bunch of nonsense. The V570 Blackout Edition features an all RGB illumination concept. With its vast array of options and colour profiles, you can make it yours! I wasn’t paid for this post, but I do get paid via the affiliates links, as I get a commission on every sale.

You have 13 customizable buttons that can be programmed whichever way you want. With multiple profiles, you can easily map the mouse to each of your favourite video games. On the extra side of things, Viper was clever with their added macro editor. You can craft a specific set of actions that can be triggered by one of your mouse keys. Can you imagine the possibilities?

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 - Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition

What’s noticeable is the single sniper button on the left side just above your thumb! The Viper Gaming V570 is the ideal mouse for MMO’s and FPS, in my opinion. You can add or remove weight to the mouse, depending on your preferences, you can have it as light or as heavy as you need it.

We’ve got multiple DPI levels, up to 12 000 that can be configured in the software, and the toggle sits just on top of the mouse itself. The V570 comes with the Avago mouse sensor, which is a very precise, and recommended option in a gaming mouse.

Where to buy?

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

Final remarks

If you’re in the market to enhance the look, I think that the Best Gaming Mouse 2020 is the Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition. If offers everything from RGB to customization, deep key combination, profiles and even weight distribution.

If you live in Canada, you’re getting a great deal on an awesome gaming mouse that’s just under $50 Canadian. It rivals any of the forefront brands like Corsairs, StealSeries, Logitech etc.

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 - Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition Best Gaming Mouse 2020 - Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition Best Gaming Mouse 2020 - Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition Best Gaming Mouse 2020 - Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition

Best SSD for Gaming M.2 & 2.5″ Tue, 07 Jul 2020 01:11:02 +0000 Best SSD for Gaming – Intro

When it comes to the best SSD for gaming, there are 2 types you can choose. The newer generation of motherboards offers an M.2 PCIe 3 and 4. The newer mobos will likely have gen 4. I’ll give you my best options when it comes to SSD’s. I have something for everyone, a standard 2.5″, PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0.

After this little enlightenment, the rest is up to you. Everything is an opinion or personal option, I’m just giving you mine.

Adata XPG SX8200 Pro

The XPG SX8200 Pro is the BEST 1TB option, for the money, it’s the one I installed in my PC build. With the high-end performance that rival’s the most fierce 970 EVO Pro from Samsung, the endurance, the speed, the power usage all played a factor in my choice. All that shuffled into the XPG8200 Pro is very respectable. Please make use of the heat spreader!

The SSD format is an M.2 2280 double-sided using PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 1.3. It offers an average of 3,500 MBps sequential reads and 3,000 MBps writes. You will get about 5 Years of endurance and an average of about 640 terra bytes written.

Amazon Canada currently has it for $178.88.

Amazon US currently has it for $148.55.

Best SSD for Gaming pic 1

Samsung EVO 860

Capping the top of the SATA transfer rate, there’s the Samsung EVO 860. This is what most consumers are familiar with, a 2.5-inch drive that can fit in anyone’s pocket. Samsung gives some of the most reliable storage devices, but even they get surpassed by the competition. The EVO 860 is a fabulous addition if you need additional storage, for offloading your game library. The cost of storage is normally pretty competitive.

Transfer interface is SATA 3 and offers Sequential 550 MBps of sequential reads and 520 MBps of sequential write. Like the previous option, you’re looking at 5 Years of warranty and an average of 2,400 TBW.

Amazon Canada currently has it at $229.99.

Amazon US currently has it at $109.99.

Patriot Viper VPR100

Adding a little flair might be something you’d like to look into with the Patriot Viper VPR100! While it dishes out a stream of colours, you can expect that this M.2 drive will drive. This PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe drive offers 3,300 MBps sequential reads, 2,900 MBps sequential writes. Slapping you with a warranty of 5 years and give you an average of 1600 TBW.

Amazon Canada currently has it at $237.99, and this isn’t the cheapest option for storage.

Amazon US currently has it at $164.99, and this isn’t the cheapest option on the block.

Final thoughts

The list is not a definitive list of my Best SSD for Gaming M.2 & 2.5″. We are sure to see new storage drives, capacity, speed and endurance come out each year. Keep an eye out for my future posts.

Check out my post about the BEST RX 5700 XT right here!

Best RX 5700 XT: All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review Thu, 02 Jul 2020 01:18:25 +0000 Best RX 5700 XT: All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review

Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review videocard

Why did I choose to be all in with the XFX Thicc III Ultra? I was looking for the best RX 5700 XT, and I understand that the “best” might vary from person to person. I recently came from the Aorus RX 580 OC, which also offered 8GB of memory. The main distinction remains modern technology, higher clock and memory, the capacity to perform more extended processing. My review will focus on my experience with this video card rather than just specifics about tests and benchmarks.

How much?

It does come at a cost. The RX 580 can be found for as much as $300 Canadian, while the RX 5700 XT runs at around $600. The RX 5700 XT drives 3-times the power of my previous video graphic card. What makes it the best RX 5700 XT? Here comes XFX Thicc III Ultra, which delivers the highest clock rate, memory speed than other RX 5700 XT the market. The XFX Thicc III Ultra addresses a lot of the issues found in the XFX Thicc II Ultra.

Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review pic 2 Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review pic 3


The base clock reaches 1810MHz, while the game clock hits a target of 1935MHz, and if you opt to boost it up to 2025MHz. My review shows higher number, but that is to be expected. Not all cards are equal.

Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review Tuning Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review Metrics Detroit Become Human

This model performs above the quoted base information from XFX, which you can see in the graphics above. Like most high-end video graphic cards, you’ll find 1 HDMI and 3 Display Ports, but what’s particular about this card is its size!

The XFX Thicc III Ultra is massive compared to other brands. Lengthwise, the card is 31.5cm long with a depth of 13.1cm, and a thickness of 5.7cm. Not a small monster by any stretch of the imagination. It’s also a hefty card to handle, and you’ll need to check your case specification to ensure clearance.

We have a 3-Fans cooling system that’s copper base. The operating temperature range is 80c, according to XFX, but AMD does make mention that it can reach a range of 110c. It is a silent cooling approach, but please note that it can rev up pretty quickly depending on the load it sustains, and you’ll start to hear it.

I think XFX could shave some of the plastic housing and make it more appealing to people.


When it comes to doing some rendering, I’m making full use of AMD’s accelerated hardware options. My video rendering isn’t as complex as other creators. Rendering 10 minutes of 4K video montage and edits take an average of 6 minutes. The actual work takes hours to produce thought.

Jumping right into Warzone, I’ve set all my settings to ultra. The monitor I’m using is a freesync monitor that reaches a 144MHz refresh rate. The results are impressive! In-game, I’m achieving 107.8FPS!

Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review FPS Warzone

I don’t expect to have trouble playing any of the current titles or future upcoming games. The card should suffice to take me into the next 4-years worth of gaming without any issues.

The games that I have been playing are averaging an FPS of 100. Lately, I’ve been immersed in Detroit Become Human, Overwatch, Division 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You can go ahead, and test many video graphics cards, but in the end, it’s really a personal preference. My best RX 5700 XT might not be someone elses.

The upgrade to this card, was in part pushed, by my interest in live streaming to Twitch. You can check out my Twitch channel when I’m live at

Best RX 5700 XT All in XFX Thicc III Ultra Review pic 4

Some final thoughts

You’ll need to make sure you have the clearance, for it, this card is a beast. You can get it on Amazon before taxes at $531. Right now, this would bring it just under $600 Canadian. My best RX 5700 XT Thicc III Ultra falls right in the NVIDIA 2070 range when it comes to performance, and it’s a lot cheaper. Doing the testing with the card, and writing down my notes for this review, I can definitely say that this is the best RX 5700 XT card. XFX did a great job to redeem themselves with the XFX Thicc III Ultra.

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of this card you can head to overclockersclub.

Source: Amazon Canada | Amazon US

Phoneside – Crazy #1 Smartphone Holder adjusts directly to your monitor! Wed, 24 Jun 2020 13:01:11 +0000 Phoneside by Makagency: the number one smartphone holder made in France, which is eco-friendly and adjusts directly to your computer

Phoneside #1 Smartphone holder 2

While quarantine measures are lifting, working remotely is still a reality for a lot of companies, many of which have decided to continue the experience long term (source).

In any case, whether it is a matter of working from home or at the office, the professional environment has been deeply readjusted. The goal is to put into place workstations that are more ergonomic and practical in order to improve employee’s comfort as well as productivity.

This can be achieved through a solution adapted for making a space for an accessory that has become a daily essential: the smartphone. When it sits on your desk, it can get in the way, annoy and distract you. It can also easily fall if bumped accidentally. And it is impossible to follow a video conference while continuing to work!

This is where the invention from Phoneside comes from, an ergonomic smartphone holder made in France.

Phoneside was designed in a Parisian workshop and is eco-responsible since is it made from 100% biodegradable materials. It can also be personalized with company logos. This invention, rewarded at the 2019 International Paris Lépine competition, has seen strong success from both businesses and individuals to such an extent that the young business decided to go from 3D printing to industrializing their product.

They launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter and reached almost 50% of their goal within 24 hours.

Coral’s UV Light Sanitizer 3 in 1 solution for your Tech Gear! Wed, 24 Jun 2020 12:07:18 +0000 UV Light Sanitizer – What is it?

Everything you need to know about Coral’s UV Light Sanitizer is a 3 in 1 solution that will help you keep your tech gadgets free from germs. Uses UV to sterilize anything. Use this with your gadgets, keys, toys, baby stuff and much more.

I’m pretty sure your smartphone is full of germs. Let’s be honest we all take our smartphones to the bathroom. We eat while we’re on our smartphone. We take it with us everywhere. It’s a germ magnet. The same can be said of our keys, wallet, cards, Bluetooth earpiece etc.

Germ Killing

Coral’s UV solution aims to rectify this little germ thing. It’s a well-documented fact that UV does kill germs. Independent tests showed that it reduces the H1N1 flu virus but as much as 99.96%. It’s also effective against E.Coli, Staph, Salmonella, all of which got blasted by over 99.99% after just 10 minutes.

The machine offers 4-modes of use:

  • Sterilize and Dry:
    • 10 minute UV sterilization before doing a 30 to 60-minute drying period.
  • Dry Only:
    • Dries only, from 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes.
  • Sterilize only:
    • UV light from 10, 15 or 20 minutes.
  • 24-Hour Storage:
    • Sterilizes & dry cycle, completes a short sterilize only cycle every 2-hours.

Coral UV Light Sanitizer 3 in 1 solution for your Tech Gear

Product Details

The container inside offers quite a bit room. Don’t stack objects on top of each other this defeats the purpose of the UV light sanitizer. Simply place everything you want in the container, and select the desired cycle. Make use of the trays as it’ll make your life easier. This product is centred around babies, but there are so many more applications that can be made out of it.

It’s a great way for parents, schools, daycare centers, tech-heads to keep all your daily stuff sterilized. I can’t really show you how the thing works inside because of the safety built around it to keep germs at bay, but I can definitely say that UV light sanitizer does work in reducing germ count.

On the back of the unit, there’s an air filter. It’s a HEPA filter, which ensures that the air is drawn in it clean. The filter is good for an average of 3 months, depending on the frequency you use it. 4 filters come with the device. On average, I would say this would last you a little over a year before needing to replace it.

Amazon US
Amazon Canada

You get 2 UV-C bulbs which are protected with a metal grid. Much like the bulbs you have at home, you’ll eventually need to replace them. The life span of these varies on usage. You can expect 12 or more months of use.

I can’t confirm how well it works, not without having an actual lab do germ testing, but I would surmise that it works as advertised. I’m sure the company wouldn’t want to get Canadians coming back at them with claims.


You can find the UV light sanitizer at BabyEnRoute in Canada. It can be yours for $199.99 Canadian! I’ll also include a link to the Amazon Canada & Amazon US page. You can also get it from the American side for $149.99 US.

Final notes

The Coral UV light sanitizer can be a big benefit if you want to ensure that the sanitization of certain items is done properly. It’s a great idea to do so when you have an infant. I’m also on the other end of things, where I grew up in the ’80s. All these novel innovations we’re not present, I’m still alive. I do believe that our bodies’ defences can handle a lot, and maybe we shouldn’t try to protect it from the outside world as much as we are trying to do so today.

Awesome Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 2 Wed, 17 Jun 2020 13:20:27 +0000 Twitch Streaming TIPS – Webcam

Streaming on Twitch doesn’t require much, but make sure you don’t use the webcam that comes with the laptop. Get yourself a decent 720P or above webcam from a reputable manufacturer. Yes, I know you can get a pretty cheap one that says it’s 720P, 1080P etc. Often enough, the software doesn’t match the hardware, and it’s pretty crappy quality.

I’m going to explore a few options that are bound to improve how you look on camera.

Webcam of Choice?

My camera of choice is Logitech C922, which runs at $129.99 Canadian. However, I’m not currently using that one as it’s in transit. I’m making use of the Microsoft Lifecam 720P. The Microsoft Lifecam 720P will work just fine and provide a decent experience to your viewers.

Since most of you are going to and or streaming on Twitch, you can’t stream more than 720P without being a partner. But using a camera that can push that 1080P does have benefits even if you can’t send it to your spectators.

Amazon Canada Amazon Canada
Amazon US Amazon US

Microsoft Lifecam HD – Cost

I picked up the Microsoft Lifecam nearly 5-years ago for $99.99 Canadian. With the high-demand for webcams on the market, you can look at paying $200+ for a Microsoft Lifecam. If you can find a Best Buy location that does still have webcams, the Microsoft Lifecam HD is $79.99 Canadian.

Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 2

These tips I’m putting together are for both newcomers and avid streamers who might just be looking at getting an edge. I’ve already talked about the microphone quality in my previous post. I’m going to touch on accessories you can add, I’ll talk about your gaming machine and the streaming software. All of this is coming up in my next posts!

Check out PART 1

Awesome Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 2 pic2 Awesome Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 2 pic3

Awesome Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 1 Tue, 16 Jun 2020 15:25:44 +0000 Twitch Streaming TIPS – Microphone
Amazon Canada

Streaming your gameplay or even podcasting isn’t hard. One way to enhance your delivery of content is by having a great sounding microphone. You’ll see just how easy it is, and you don’t even need to break the bank.

You need to determine what kind of microphone you want to use and the purpose of it. Looking at the different types, we have a headset microphone, a lapel microphone, a standard microphone, an onboard microphone, a desk microphone, a recording microphone etc.

Since the goal is streaming or podcasting, I’m going to focus on a desk microphone, as it will provide for two things I do. One of those is streaming, and the other is voice overs.

The microphone of Choice – Blue Yeti

Amazon US

My choice in the matter landed on a Blue Yeti desk microphone. One of the classic grey/chrome ones from Blue. (BTW I’m not being sponsored, I’ve had this microphone for 4-years now.)

You will get studio sound quality. Adaptive microphone settings, depending on how you want to set it. You can control the gain and volume directly from the microphone. If you would like to hear what others are going to perceive from you, you can connect your headset to the bottom of it.

You can further enhance the quality of the sound in Windows 10 as well in the recording properties by ensuring you set the correct recording quality.

Blue Yeti Price Point

It’s a relatively low-cost microphone, but with our current global condition (COVID-19), you may end up spending a little bit more. You can find it at many retailers and online for $179.99 or more.

Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 1

I’ve got a few more Twitch Streaming TIPS that’s coming up shortly. I’ll touch on things you can add to increase the value of your content on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live etc.

Awesome Twitch Streaming TIPS Part 1 Blue Yeti

Freebuds 3 – A Decent Luxurious AirPods Alternative Thu, 11 Jun 2020 01:13:06 +0000 Intro – Freebuds 3 AirPods Alternative

I’m exploring the Huawei Freebuds 3 as an AirPods alternative for everyday use, but is it a solid choice? I guess you’ll have to keep reading to see where I’m going with the Freebuds 3.

Huawei’s Freebuds 3 are similar in how they sit inside your ear. Much like the AirPods themselves, it doesn’t create a seal by being jammed inside your ears. Rather, they are seated relatively shallow. The Freebuds 3 is indeed the first in the world, as the two features are somewhat controversial, to combine an open fit with active noise cancellation (ANC).

You do get some decent sound all the while blocking some of the background noise, so while Huawei’s latest buds won’t keep all outside sound at bay, they are a solid pair for any Android user.

A startling price tag whooping it out at some retailers for $219 Canadian is by far not cheap as an AirPods alternative!

iOS users, these are not the AirPods alternative for you as there’s no iOS app support.

When it came to my personal experience, I’m biased, these do not fit into my ears, they fall off quite easily by me simply walking. There’s a reason I opt for foam tips or gel tips for all my in-ear headphones experiences.

The Design

The buds are made of a hard plastic shell, which consists of the stern and the round casing. The ressemblance to Apple’s AirPods is pretty noticeable. The charging case is also made of the same material, and just as posh and sturdy. The opening flap is similar to many other designs, and feel as if it’s spring-loaded. When opening, the buds power on which can be seen by the LED indicator. All this little setup is charged via USB-C or wirelessly.

The button on the side of the case is what enables you to pair the Freebuds 3 with your smartphone.

Freebuds 3 - A Decent Luxurious AirPods Alternative

The Sound Experience

The sounds being produced by the Freebuds 3, is in itself impressive. Even without the typical sealed factor, the sounds feel spacious, diverse, balanced, and you can feel the bass-driven notes. It can get tricky in environments with lots of external noises.

There’s a bit of a cold feeling in the words being heard from singers. This is a commonality of having an unsealed in-ear pair headphone. Having the ability to play with an EQ within the app would allow consumers to increase the warmth of the sound.

Noise Cancellation

We are given active noise cancellation without passive noise cancellation since there’s no seal. You do get some noise reduction, but you can still hear some of the ambient noise around you. Let’s take, for instance, you are waiting at the metro station, and an announcement we’re to come up, you’d be able to perceive it. It might not be entirely audible, but this would alert you to listen, which isn’t a bad thing.

Battery Life

Each of the Freebuds packs a 30mAh charge, the case holds up to 410mAh. This gives the consumer ample power to stay charged up for a long period. You can charge the buds back 6.8 times, and with them lasting up to 4 hours on a single charge, you’re in for a ride. Do take note that if you have noise-cancelling turned on, you’ll get less than the 4-hours worth of usage. They can easily charge back up in under 30 minutes, now that’s pretty fast.

Final Thoughts

You do get great sound, a luxurious appeal and a well-designed product. Huawei’s Freebuds 3 are on the expansive side of the equation at $219 Canadian. Unfortunately, because you can’t tailor how they fit inside my ears, I have to pass on recommending them.

Source: Huawei

Best USB Wall Charger 2020 – RAVPower 90W Wed, 03 Jun 2020 13:27:14 +0000 Best USB Wall Charger 2020 – RAVPower 90W
Amazon Canada

My Best USB Wall Charger for 2020 is the RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger Power Delivery 3.0 Type-C fast charging! I can charge my laptops, my smartphones, my gadgets, and everything else in between.

Let’s dive into the world of RAVPower. Amazon Canada Coupon: XV22RPPP, you can get it for $47.99 versus its regular price of $59.99. Promo ends June 5th, 2020.

The tech

The GaN technology & Pi chip works in conjunction to lower power consumption, maximize charging efficiency to over 93%, provide up to 90W of charging power & shrink the size of your wall charger. This allows for the ability to have a wall charger that is smaller than your laptops power adapter, and more convenient.

What can you charge?

Amazon US

The RAVPower PD 3.0 90W is powerful enough to fast charge your MacBook Pro 15” within 2 hours, and also brings stable high-speed charging to other laptops that rate under or over 90W. Aside from charging laptops, you can charge your smartphone and your gadgets.

Is it safe though?

Many safeguards are put in place in the engineering of the wall charger. The device is safe from overheating, no overcurrent, no overvoltage, and you can rest assured that there are no short-circuits that could manifest itself.

Technical Specifications:

  • Single port output: PD18W/30W/45W/60W/87W/90W
  • Two ports used together:
    • Laptop + Laptop: 45W+ 45W
    • Laptop + Phone: 60W + 30W
    • Laptop + iPad 2017/2018/2019: 45W +30W
    • Laptop + Tablet (except iPad 2017/2018/2019): 60W +30W

Best USB Wall Charger 2020 - RAVPower 90WBest USB Wall Charger 2020 - RAVPower 90W

Source: Amazon Canada | Amazon US

Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack made of Recyclable material: Review Mon, 25 May 2020 12:13:27 +0000

Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack made of Recyclable material

I often am on the go and have to carry various things with me. I need a reliable, decent backpack that will be able to support my lifestyle. Working in the tech world, I often have to be going places, and this is where the Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack comes into play. There’s a lot of different types, design styles, storage options that it can be a whirlwind. This backpack does offer something unique it’s made of recyclable materials.

Lenovo Eco Pro is a limited time 15.6-inch backpack that was launched for EarthDay 2020. It’s almost entirely made out of recyclable materials, touted as the first-ever eco-friendly bag. A large portion, 83%, is made of recycled content, which cumulates to about 34-plastic water bottles.

  • Easy-access smaller pockets & side water-bottle pockets.
  • Hidden security pocket.
  • 83% recycled.
  • Dedicated, protective laptop compartment.
  • Large storage area with accessory pockets.
  • Breathable mesh back panel.
  • Trolley strap attached backpack to rolling luggage.
  • A special edition of our top-selling premium ThinkPad Professional Backpack (ground-up design).

Eco Pro Design

Looking at the design, we can see there’s a diamond shape pattern throughout the fabric. The material feels durable and well crafted. The multitudes of zippers all have green string looped into them except for the bottle pouch, the back pocket and the top front pocket, which is orange.

Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack made of Recyclable material
Eco Pro – Recyclable Material

On the front side, we have two big pouches. The top pocket offers a large storage compartment with a secondary inner pouch that can accommodate anything from sunglasses to smartphones or others. There’s also an orange clip that can assist with securing items. The bottom is a large simple pouch.

If you pull apart the two zippers sitting at the top in front of the handle, you’ll expose the main compartment of the Lenovo Eco Pro backpack. You can easily see two pockets with a zippered mesh bottom. On the reverse, there are additional pockets, the upper one from the top occupies about 3/4 of the space. There’s room for a smartphone, pens, and I believe a passport pocket.

The two zippers, behind the handle, will open up to the laptop and tablet pockets. Storing my 15-inch Dell work laptop with some accessories is a breeze. I used the tablet pocket to store my own Matebook 13.

The backside offers plenty of comfort with its padded finish, supportive padded straps. I’m noticing that there’s a middle strap that allows you to affix this to a handle of a rolling suitcase that keeps everything neatly together. A hidden bottom pocket is also noted in the back, which blends with the back finish.

Support & Protection

The bag seems to hold its form quite well for a typical grab and go. Where my concern lies is in keeping its form and support while under heavy load. The bottom doesn’t appear to offer much in terms of back support to help alleviate the stress put on your shoulders and back.

You might want to consider that Lenovo’s Ero Pro doesn’t offer any waterproofing or resistance. I know that for many, this will be a deciding factor.

Lenovo Eco Pro – Photos Gallery

How Much?

For those looking into a new backpack, you can get it for $125.99 Canadian ($89.99 US). I wonder if this is priced competitively for the Canadian market. You can get the Eco Pro from Lenovo directly, I’ve shared the links below.


United States

Reviews Final Thoughts

You’ll get a great durable backpack by Lenovo, which is recyclable. It is a great choice if you are environmentally concerned and are actively engaging in reducing your footprint. There’s plenty of storage for anyone that aims to run around with it. It’s a good companion to have around for your everyday activities.