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Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 for the active professional in all of us

Just last year I was talking about the Backbeat Sense from Plantronics. Plantronics reached out to me again and I’ve been offered a chance to test drive their newest addition to the Backbeat series. The Backbeat Go 3 aim’s to be the on the go young professional music headset. Experience music like never before—designed for stunning audio quality, revealing the …

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Reddit post shows comparison of mobile plans across Canada

One of my fellow writer @ Android Coliseum posted some comparison behind made about carrier prices in Canada. The image has caused quite the stir on Reddit, resulting in 551 comments and counting. To sum it up, Canadians are still quite upset that the pricing is so high compared to other countries. The “big three” keep charging obscene amounts far data …

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Chrooma Keyboard is now free and it’s a success by all accounts

Everyone is all hyped up that Chrooma Keyboard went all free and crazy in the last few days, but what you may not know is how fabulous it is. While talking to +Andrea Lui about Chrooma, he wanted me to make sure to highlights key points. The adaptive coloring of the keyboard is something new in the scene. We’re all …

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Sony’s Xperia X for Canada – What to expect

With the release of the Sony Xperia X line slated for this summer, there’s a lot to talk about. Android Coliseum got a chance to speak with Sony today in regards to what’s being provided on the forefront of the Sony Mobile line in Canada. Canada will be glad to know that we will be seeing the Xperia X and …

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Finch for Twitter – An alternative to look into!

We have clients for all sorts of applications on our devices, nothing screams more like social media when it comes to the variety of apps we have for them. Finch for Twitter is a great class, not only do we have a limited number of very good clients, it’s a market that keeps on growing and is popular with people …

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…Redesign in the works…

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve just had no time to focus on the subject at hand. However, now that I do have some time to redesign and implement WordPress properly, I’ll be able to start on this journey again to curate Android related news item that I work on with Android Coliseum. Stay tuned for more!

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Winner: Tina Lee – #Canadian #Giveaway from #Cryovex #smartphone care package

giveaway_cryovex-header winner

Winner: Tina Lee and I’ve contacted you via the provided email. Congratulation. First #Giveaway being done from Cryovex – Android news and all the bytes and it’s available to all Canadians across Canada. Due to shipping restrictions, I can’t make it global since this is coming out of my own pocket! However, you’ll be getting some good accessories! One lucky …

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