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Want to find content on the site? Use the search box with live results

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ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesIf you happen to be looking for content I’ve posted, you’ll have a better chance at using the search box which offers results as you type. It will greatly increase your chance of finding the exact content you’re looking for. Loading... I’ve gotten a few request via email lately about finding specific content I posted. I highly recommend using …

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New products, testing and reviews : UAG, Lima, EchoBox and more

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ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesI’ve been hard at work or hardly working? In either case, there are some fine products that are either upcoming or have recently been hitting the scene. Some of these new products are sure to peek the interest of a few. Loading... UAG isn’t new for many, but some it just might be, the latest to come out of …

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Samsung’s next flagship the S8 will be interesting and here’s why…

ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe image is from Venture Beat which revealed the Samsung Galaxy S8. As much as I like to newest and shiny from all these manufacturers I can’t help to wonder who the hell are they advertising theses devices too? Let’s be honest, who’s out of pocket $1000+ to spend on a new device? The answer to that is 10% …

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Let’s get ready for 1000 followers #GIVEAWAY !!

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ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesWhether this is Google+, Twitter or Facebook, once one of my social networks reaches 1000 followers I’ll start rolling out the next #Giveaway for #CanadiansOnly. This is all due to cost sorry folks! Loading... I’m getting ready to launch my next #Giveaway of for all sorts of goodies! What do you think I’ll have in my next package? I …

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Rii is at it again with the K61C mechanical gaming keyboard

Rii K61C mechanical gaming keyboard header

ShareTweetShareSharePin8 SharesThere’s a newcomer in the field of PC keyboard with Rii mechanical gaming keyboard. Yes, I know, there’s plenty of different manufacturers out there, however, when you happen to find yourself a piece of tech that really shines through such as this one, you might want to hang on to it. While Rii is still new in the accessory …

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Wireless fast charging desktop stand by RND Accessories

ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesLooking for a wireless fast charge solution? Turn your attention to RND wireless fast charging stand. This item is going to be one of the most sought after since it provides fast charging technology via the wireless options that many QI devices can support. Loading... Something to consider before jumping on the bandwagon, RND does make note that you …

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9000 mAh POWERPACK from NOMAD is ultra-rugged and ready for you!

ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesKeeping in tradition with all their products, NOMAD went beyond the standard that most people would expect from a portable battery charger. With a 9000 mAh POWERPACK, that’s ultra rugged and ready for you, NOMAD wants to make sure you know you can go places. You’ll get my personal input at the end of the article where I will …

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NOMAD’s new Universal charging cable providing you with USB-A, Lightning and Type-C

NOMAD universal charging cable header cryovex

ShareTweetShareSharePin0 SharesWith a 5-year warranty right on the box, it’s hard to imagine a product as such that will last the mile. NOMAD’s new Universal charging cable provides you with USB-A, Lightning and Type-C and military grade cable. Bolstering a 10K flex ratio which should be more than enough for anyone. Loading... The rugged cable doesn’t look frail by any stretch, …

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