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Best VPN 2022 TOP 5 – Keeping you SAFE Online

Martin Guay

Best Vpn 2021 - To Keep You Safe Online : Top 5

Best VPN 2022 – To keep you SAFE Online: TOP 5!

The choices for VPN services is pretty impressive. There are over 1000’s of providers that offer free and paid services. Not all of them are good, bad, reliable, and simply some may just disappear.

A large majority of them offer the same features, guarantees and with a number of them promising to keep your digital life yours. How do you find the Best VPN? This is where my TOP 5 Best VPN 2022 comes in!

If you search the web, you can find many people with their spin on a VPN service. The reviews can be biased, and sometimes it gets hard to figure out what’s what.

Here are some simple things to look for in a VPN service:

  • Download Speeds
  • What privacy, security features/flaws the service has?
  • Jurisdiction and logging policy.
  • Can you Torrent?
  • Can you access Netflix from other regions?
  • How easy is it to use the APP/Service?
  • How much?
Best VPN 2022 – To keep you SAFE Online: TOP 5!

Surfshark Vpn Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

Purevpn Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

Nordvpn Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

Pia Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

Ipvanish Vpn Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

Other options for VPN Services

I have other really good VPN services, but they had too many missing MUST HAVE in my opinion. I’m listing them below so that you can make your own decision on the subject. Maybe they’ll do better and could be part of the Best VPN Top 5 list eventually.

Vyprvpn Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

Protonvpn Best Vpn 2020 Top 5 Banner

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Best Vpn 2022 Top 5 - Keeping You Safe Online - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes

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