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I write, talk about technology, gadgets, the latest Android news as much as any other fellow geek, nerd, enthusiast does. I work in the IT field as a System Administrator and I enjoy gaming when possible. I'm into plenty of things and you can usually find me around Ottawa, Canada!
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Best Nexus 6P Tempered Glass? This Canadian no-name glass is awesome

Martin Guay
Best Nexus 6P Tempered Glass? This Canadian no-name one might just be it. We have many variations of screen protectors on the market; Rubber, plastic, hard plastic sheets, glass, silicon coated tempered glass etc. They have their own methods to be installed and can quite...
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ZUS Kevlar USB cable might just be the last ever cable you’ll need?

Martin Guay
That title pretty much says it all; ZUS Kevlar USB cable might just be the last ever cable you’ll need? The company guarantees you a lifetime warranty on the cable. They’re that confident in their product! We all have plenty of USB cable for connecting all of our...
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Something BIG is here: Xperia XA Ultra is #ShowingYouMore

Martin Guay
Something BIG is here: Xperia XA Ultra is #ShowingYouMore . Sony had this in their back pocket all this time? Well I’m sure glad they announced it! It’s going to be a battle for me now. Can you imagine the pain I’ll have between both...
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Canadian android accessories coming right up!

Martin Guay
Canadian android accessories? Coming right up! Something different than the typical USB-C to A cable, that’s right! Going to take VERUS High Pro Shield for a spin with the Nexus 6P, add to that a nice tempered glass from a Canadian retailer and to combine...

Google I/O Extended streams in 3 more Canadian cities

Martin Guay
Google I/O Extended will stream in 3 more Canadian cities; Montreal, Toronto & Sudbury. This is a perfect spot for people who are unable to attend the event directly. It will allow developers to experience it in all its glory. We are bound to see...
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