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I write, talk about technology, gadgets, the latest Android news as much as any other fellow geek, nerd, enthusiast does. I work in the IT field as a System Administrator and I enjoy gaming when possible. I'm into plenty of things and you can usually find me around Ottawa, Canada!

Can you build a Gaming computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER!

Can you build a PC Gaming computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER!

ShareTweetShareSharePin6 SharesCan you build a PC Gaming computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER! Literally, hold my beer… Let’s take a dive in the world of Gaming on PC. The premise is to see if we can play decent games on modest computer setup. I’m aware that the definition of “budget” is different from one person to another, but I’ve …

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Developing Android Apps completely in Python

pyconx develop android apps completely python

ShareTweetShareSharePin6 SharesPyconX is happening in Florence this coming May 2019th. It will be the perfect time to learn how to develop Android apps completely in Python. Here’s some information directly from the event page: The goal of this training is to show you how to start developing full Android applications using only Python. Different technologies will be demonstrated, including PySide-based …

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Motorola G7 – Everything you want to know!

Motorola G7 Everything you want to know Android News All the Bytes

ShareTweetShareSharePin5 SharesThis is Motorola budget champion smartphone! I mean the G line-up is excellent. You can rarely go wrong with a Moto G smartphone. Even myself as a power hungry user, I can safely work it. I don’t have hands-on coverage of the device at this time, but I aim to change that shortly! Motorola G7 – Everything you want …

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[Review] Nuu Mobile G3 – Budget friendly

NUU Mobile G3 Android News All the Bytes review

ShareTweetShareSharePin4 SharesAre decent budget-friendly smartphone useable? Yes, they are! All right enough with all the theatrics. I’m here with the G3 by Nuu Mobile. The target market is everyone. Let’s note that not all budget smartphones are good but I do like the G3 from Nuu Mobile! Pro’s Con’s Fast Charge NFC Fingerprint sensor MediaTek Helio P25 Battery is superb …

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UMIDIGI S3 Pro confirmed official launch 18th February

UMIDIGI S3 Pro confirmed official launch 18th February android news all bytes

ShareTweetShareSharePin6 SharesThe UMIDIGI S3 Pro will feature a 48MP Sony IMX586 camera, accompanied with 5150mAh battery and ceramic design, UMIDIGI’s upcoming flagship UMIDIGI S3 Pro is confirmed to land in on 18th February before MWC 2019. Spec-wise, the UMIDIGI S3 Pro is one of the world’s first smartphones to offer a 48MP Sony IMX586 CMOS sensor to offer superior clarity …

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MUJJO’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guides – Coupon Code

MUJJO Valentines Day discount header

ShareTweetShareSharePin5 SharesI recently touched on the Double Layered Gloves that MUJJO offers! Their lineup is excellent, chic and this goes well hand in hand with all the city slickers. MUJJO‘s all in for valentine’s day and would like to extend an offering to the consumers. They not only produce gloves but they also have smartphone cases, sleeves for tablets and …

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Using your smartphone at -36 Celsius!

MUJJO Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves header

ShareTweetShareSharePin6 SharesIt’s really hard to on your fingers especially when you’re in a deep freeze like we are since we’ve got a dump of well over 35 centimetres of snow. Current feel like of the temperature outside is -36 Celsius and for my American readers this is -32.8F with a nice 12 or so inches of snow. MUJJO does offer …

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Is the need for budget smartphones real?

Is the need for budget smartphone real header

ShareTweetShareSharePin11 SharesIs the need for budget smartphones real? We see lots of advertising the mighty high-end flagships of each brand. Have we thought about doing the same for the budget friendly? The answer to that question is yes! The unfortunate truth is that most and if not the majority of people cannot afford the latest and greatest of them all. …

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