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Martin Guay

IT Specialist, Android Blogger, tech reviewer and a gamer with a dash of social media! Located in the heart of Canada’s capital : Ottawa.

Charging dock with RND Type-C to Type-C = Fast Charging!

RND USB-C fast charging dock

With a large selection of smartphone going to USB-C is not a surprise that some of us are looking at replacing our current microUSB desktop dock with a Type-C desktop charging solution. Here in Canada, it hasn’t been as easy to find such solution, however, we have RND Accessories which does sell items to Canadians! RND Accessories initially had a …

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300 Twitter followers milestone reached, can I get to 500 shortly?

Twitter milestone!

After a number of years on social media and not really paying attention much and just doing what everyone else does, I’ve reached a milestone on Twitter with 300 followers. Next goal is 500 followers. With ramping up my presence on Twitter and major social media, I’ve started to use some tools and techniques to communicate, increase, share and talk …

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Pokémon Go doodad delayed, Flamingo flaunting new things what else?

Pokéon Go, Pokémon Go Plus, Flamingo Twitter

Let’s throw in a few things at the same time with Pokémon Go Plus delayed and some Flamingo magic all working together! While Pokémon Go doodad is delayed which is leaving a few people in hysteria over it, we have Flamingo which has now included an option to always show tweet actions and the removal of white space. Pokémon is …

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Weather alternative with a Canadian twist? Tired of TheWeatherNetwork?

Weather Post (Canada) review

With the weather in Canada ever changing from one coast to another, we need to keep an eye out for the temperature. Many weather app in the Play store takes the heat index into consideration versus using the humidex value. This is where Weather Post (Canada) comes into play. Kevin Zhou is a developer based in Waterloo, Ontario and he’s …

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A charging station with a flare is what the Zentree is all about

The Zentree by GELID Solutions

GELID Solution brings us another  sensation with the Zentree! If you have a need to charge multiple devices in your house, you may want to think about investing into a charging solution such as this. Earlier on, I’ve written a review about Fourza and it’s been a hit with the community. Let’s see what the Zentree is all about. We live …

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I take a look at a charging solution called Fourza from GELID Solutions

Fourza charging station GELID Solutions

Like many, I have plenty of devices to charge. Going from smartphone, tablets, to accessories, I sometimes need to have more than just the odd outlet. This is where I take a look at a charging solution called Fourza from GELID Solutions. Being that I test a lot of different products that all require being charged from time to time, this …

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20% off RND USB-C to USB-C Charging Dock for Android Coliseum fans!

RND Accessories USB-C to USB-C charging dock!

RND Accessories has just released their USB-C to USB-C charging dock that will deliver fast charging capability for your smartphone! Just a few months ago I reviewed their USB-A to USB-C charging dock and was quite pleased. Fast forward today, and they’ve just announced it with a 20% off RND USB-C to USB-C Charging Dock for Android Coliseum fans! Check …

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