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Tablets are so great. Whether you want to play games, read, do homework, or entertain your kids in the back of the car, they have everything you need. When deciding on a tablet, consider whether you want an Android or an Apple. We’ve tested and reviewed the best tablets out there – see them all – and get one for yourself today. Ok, I lie, I haven’t tested all of them, but I’ve tried many.

Tablet computers are a convenient way to access the internet, perform simple tasks, and relax. They have taken over laptop computers because they are very popular. You can do pretty much anything on a tablet that you can do on a desktop or laptop. Tablet computers have been an excellent new technology for computing, and they are taking over laptops quickly.

Which tablet is right for you? With many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Whether you’re getting an iPad or an Android tablet, I have some tips on what to consider when purchasing. I also reviewed some of the top-rated tablets on the market for you to take a look at.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e – Review

Martin Guay
If you’re looking for an Android Tablet I would highly consider taking a look at the Galaxy Tab S5e by Samsung. It offers a well-balanced bang for what you get. It’s definitely on the higher-end of the scale when it comes to pricing. The Samsung...

Galaxy Tab S5e & Galaxy Tab A 10.1 are now available for purchase in Canada

Martin Guay
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e & Tab A 10.1 – Canadian release Galaxy Tab S5e Meticulously engineered for rich and immersive entertainment experiences, the Galaxy Tab S5e brings Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology to its slimmest tablet yet, featuring a large, 10.5” screen paired with impressive...
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