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Soundsgood Ultimate V6 Review True-Wireless Earbuds
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[Review] SoundsGood Ultimate V6 true-wireless earbuds – Awesome Canadian Product!

Ultimate V6






Sounds Quality





  • Wireless charging.
  • Support aptX, aptX Adaptive, SBC, AAC.
  • Long battery life.


  • No active noise cancelling.
  • Application to manage touch functionality missing.

The Ultimate V6 are SoundsGood foray into the true-wireless earbuds market directly from Canada. They are virtually unknown among the major brands available to the mass consumer market but are creating a wave amongst the adopters of the Ultimate V6.

SoundsGood is a Canadian company that operates in Quebec, specifically in the Montréal area. The company, started by friends, has since grown substantially since the launch of its product in 2019.

Price & Availability

You can get the Ultimate V6 by SoundsGood for CAD$99 on SoundsGood’s website or on Amazon. Unfortunately, for many, the item only ships within Canada.

Soundsgood Ultimate V6 Review Earbuds 001

What are the features?

  • 7-hours of playback time.
  • Additional 20-hours with the charging case.
  • It supports wireless charging.
  • Support codecs: aptX, aptX Adaptive, SBC, AAC.
  • It uses Bluetooth 5.2.
  • IPX5 water and dust resistance.
  • Passive Noise-Canceling.


The design of the earbuds and case is pretty generic and unappealing. It’s a classic black matte look and feel. The earbud Marshmellow tips included are there to assist with the best comfort. The style is very reminiscent of the current format of truly wireless earbuds. Their small size makes them ideal for use during sports activities: they stay in place well. They are also designed to prevent ambient noise from spoiling the pleasure of using them.

You’ll notice that the charging case plugs in via USB-C, which is the standard of choice these days, and there’s also wireless charging.

Soundsgood Ultimate V6 Review Earbuds 002Sound Quality

I’m surprised about the sound quality, in a good way. Even without dedicated noise cancellation tech and just the passive noise-cancelling, having a good seal, if done correctly, works wonders to keep the noise out and delivers on sound experience. SoundsGood includes multiple ear tips to adjust the fit.

Overall the sounds are on point. You can feel the bass coursing through your body when listening to those epic EDM tracks. If you prefer vocals, you may notice that the midrange and highs hit ranges that will be sending shivers that aren’t often felt all over your body. The Ultimate V6 sound is rich, balanced, and powerful.

While pushing the limits of the Ultimate V6 capacity, the sounds don’t distort or screech, which is a welcome sign of relief from cheaper brands. The variety in genres, styles and personal preferences will impact each of your experiences.

Battery Life

During my review time with the SoundsGood Ultimate V6, I’ve had a hard time killing them off. With a generous 7-hours of playback time and 20-hours worth of battery life with the charging case, you’ll notice that they are always fully charged. I don’t listen to music for 8-hours straight, and I assume much is also true for consumers. You could go a week before having to charge them and the case.

With a price tag of $99, I was hoping that wireless charging was an option, and it is! I’m glad to see that even below the $100, we can get most of the bells and whistles.

Should you buy the Ultimate V6?

Soundsgood Ultimate V6 Review Earbuds 003

The Ultimate V6 delivers on the music enjoyment. The sounds coming out is fantastic, and for that alone, I recommend them. Let’s touch on the battery life, with that generous 7-hours worth of playback time and that sweet charging case dishing out an extra 20-hours. It’s hard not to say no.

Its failing is just personal preferences. You don’t have active noise cancellation, and there’s no dedicated app that allows you to remap the touch functionality or EQ control. It does, however, manage to give you a solid, true-wireless experience for an affordable price. You also can change the equalizer options within apps like YouTube Music or Spotify, which should allow for some sound tweaking.

[Review] Soundsgood Ultimate V6 True-Wireless Earbuds - Awesome Canadian Product! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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