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Where Will Apple Go Next?

Apple used to be the innovator of the tech market. However, in recent years, it seems that Apple’s innovations have lost some of their sparks. But if rumours are true, the company could soon turn things around with a few major developments. Here’s what’s on the horizon for Apple.


You might think VR is dead in the water, but if you pay attention to the latest developments on the market, you’ll realize that this is not the case. A few months ago, Sony announced the Playstation VR2, cementing their position that VR is a fundamental aspect of gaming for the near future. So, it’s not that surprising that Apple is planning to introduce their own wearable VR and AR headset. In contrast with Sony, this product is expected to have an RRP of $3000, which appears to be too expensive for the average consumer. That might sound crazy, but Apple is betting that people will pay for the ultimate VR experience.

So, when can we expect to get our hands on this headset? Well, the rumours are there have been significant development challenges. Though it was hoped that the product would be available by the end of 2022, it is more likely that its release date will be delayed until 2023. There’s a chance this will disappear like Google Glass, but it will likely arrive at some point.

Foldable Phone

While Apple may not be the first company to bring a folding phone to the market, it seems sure that they will derive some benefit by entering this burgeoning arena. The benefit of a foldable phone is – well, there aren’t any. But it does provide a certain futuristic aesthetic, and if you check out this page, you’ll find that future designs are firmly in Tim Cook’s wheelhouse.

It’s worth noting that it might be sometime before we see Apple introduce their version of a foldable phone. Indeed, rumours suggest this won’t be ready for the market until 2023 at the earliest. We also expect it to come with a significant price tag. Although, Apple might surprise everyone and make it a budget-friendly choice.

Apple Car

Finally, there’s the apple car. If you think that a car with an Apple logo plastered on it sounds like something that would be in an SNL skit, we’re with you. This car is likely to be fully autonomous. We don’t expect Apple to go halfway with this one. Instead, it’s more likely that they will ensure that the software is perfect before they release it on the market. Some people expect Apple to offer autonomous software to be used in cars. However, other analysts are confident that Apple is ready to announce its own autonomous branded vehicle for the market.

Apple fans can look forward to the next few years, which promise to be filled with new gadgets and revolutionary technological advances, at least, that is the hope. It will be interesting to see if any of these ideas come to fruition and what they will look like when they do.

Where Will Apple Go Next? - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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