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Mundus Pro Review - Uc-C Sanitizer For Your Tech And Fast Wireless Charger
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Mundus Pro Review – UV-C Sanitizer for your TECH with Fast Wireless Charging

Mundus Pro


The Design


The Features





  • 8 minutes sanitization cycle
  • Easy to use
  • QI Wireless charging
  • Independent certification of UV sanitization


  • Doesn't charge all QI-enabled devices
  • Tray's are not deep enough

Mundus Pro by Einova is a UV-C Sanitizer with Fast wireless charging, but it’s got some flaws…

Our smartphones are likely the one thing we touch most on any given day. Everything from a dirty phone to the flu can be easily prevented with a new device called the Mundus Pro by Einova. The Mundus Pro uses UV-C light to sanitize phones and other small items. You will find yourself seeing things in a whole new way with this unique device.

Mundus Pro - Review - Einova - Uv-C Sanitizer Fast Wireless Charger 2

What’s in the BOX?

Inside the package, I found the UV-C Disinfectant Accessories Tray and, in a smaller box, the proprietary charging brick with an extension cord. You will also have a package containing sheets of information on the product. Setup was a breeze. Plug the cable into the brick and then the brick output cable into the back of the device. I have been testing the device for more than a couple of days now with my smartphones, earbud cases, keys, and even cloth facemasks.

The Design

A slightly embossed circle indicating the wireless charging area appears on the lid of the device to highlight the wireless charging area. Two Qi logos are subtlety positioned in the middle of the circle, indicating that you can charge two devices simultaneously.

The front of the device is a circular-shaped LED touch button. It does not have any tactile feedback from the button itself. There is an audio beep to let you know when the cycle is complete. With its glowing white circle in quarters, you can tell if the unit is running its disinfection cycle.

The back of the device has a hinge for the lid, a USB port, and the power input port. The bottom of the device has five rubber bumpers to keep it steady and prevent the device from getting scratched up.

Mundus Pro - Review - Einova - Uv-C Sanitizer Fast Wireless Charger 3

The four bulbs emit UV-C rays inside the box. UV-C lamps on both the sides and in the trays. Each of these bulbs is tuned to a certain frequency to maximize its effect of disinfecting your gadgets.

The compartments of the Mundus Pro offer enough room for at least two phones. If you take the phones out; You can put in AirPods, sunglasses, safety masks, and more. The textured bottom ensures that the light has access from every possible angle without needing to flip or rotate anything inside.

The Mundus Pro supports a variety of gadgets with Qi wireless charging technologies. You must have a device that supports Qi technology before using the Mundus Pro.

Using the Device

Even with QI-enabled smartphones such as my Google Pixel 4, Huawei P40 Pro, Oppo Find X3 Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy S21, not all my devices we’re able to charge even though they all are QI-enabled. My other charging pads have no issues.

By placing an item inside Mundus Pro and tapping the circle, you can begin the 8-minute cycle of decontamination. Once the disinfection cycle is complete, the entire circle will be lit. By tapping the button, you can stop the LED from flashing and open the lid to remove your item. You will get an audible cue to let you know the cycle is complete.

Mundus Pro - Review - Einova - Uv-C Sanitizer Fast Wireless Charger 4

If your device only supports wired charging, you can use a cable and plug it into the USB charging outlet on the back of your phone. It will charge your device up to 18W.

Final notes on the Mundus Pro

Despite the minor issues noted in this review, I think the Mundus Pro is an awesome UV-C sanitizing device for its price. The fact that it has independent lab certification provides a lot of confidence. If you are in search of a device that improves smartphone hygiene, get the Mundus Pro.

Mundus Pro - Review - Einova - Uv-C Sanitizer Fast Wireless Charger 1

Mundus Pro Review – Uv-C Sanitizer For Your Tech With Fast Wireless Charging - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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