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Review: Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse is BOMB!

Glorious Model O Wireless













  • Comfortable use
  • Very light
  • Performs well
  • Smooth glide
  • Low latency


  • Battery with RGB drains fast

The Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse is excellent! It’s the lightweight, wireless variant of the chart-topping, Model O by Glorious PC Gaming Race. The Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse has a brand new sensor that’s better than the original model and has a comprehensive CPI range, don’t confuse it with DPI. You can set those in smaller increments.

The mouse is wireless but requires a dongle and lacks Bluetooth support. Nevertheless, the lack of Bluetooth and storage space for the USB receiver prevent me from recommending this mouse to everyone, making it unsuitable to people who are always on the go. However, it is very comfortable and suitable for large hands. I also really like its PTFE feet which provide a smooth glide. Combining the gliding ability of the mouse with one of the mats will increase your feeling of being weightless.

But enough, with the rambling, let’s dig deeper into why I’m IN-LOVE with it.

The Design

The Model O wireless is an ambidextrous mouse that’s popular among gamers from Glorious PC Gaming Race. With two buttons on the left side, gamers can use it as smoothly as the wired variant. The mouse offers a honeycomb design, just like the wired version, and it weighs only 69 grams. Snapping it for quick movements in FPS games is easy, thanks to its large PTFE G-Skates in the corners of the mouse.

Much smaller than the Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition that I’ve been making use of for gaming. The comparison between the two is staggering. The Model O Wireless is perfect for people with medium to large size hands, as mentioned above.

Review Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse Is Bomb Design

Review Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse Is Bomb Pc Gaming Race

Wireless Performance

Getting all the advantages you can is a must when it comes to online shooters. I know that, for the most part, many will still prefer to have a wired gaming mouse. Hear me out on this one, Glorious PC Gaming Race claims that they have the lowest latency among top-tier gaming mice. Of course, I don’t have the technical specification about their wireless technology implementation, and I can only take their word for it.

BAMF Sensor Specification

My experience has been nothing but fantastic. The sensor is proprietary and developed with Pixart, and it has a max tracking speed of 400 IPS, an acceleration of 50G, 19,000 max DPI and a polling rate up to 1,000hz. The max DPI is an industry standard and performs well. I have not had any problems so far.

The Switches

What’s the situation with the switches? I know the type of switches a peripheral has is a must for gamers. The mouse is using Omron mechanical switches rated at 20 million clicks. If you aren’t familiar with the switch type, let me define it for you. It’s a honed actuation click that’s on the heavy side. You can feel it in the press and release of the buttons.

Battery Life & Charging Time

Glorious PC Gaming Race claims 71-hours of wireless use with the RGB turned off, but what’s the point of doing that? Let that RGB glow shine! I have the RGB light set to 25%, and I get 2 to 3 days’ worth of use with an average of 8 to 10 hours of use. Charging the mouse takes little to no time. The Model O Wireless mouse charges seamlessly, but I was surprised that the Ascended USB-C cable felt the same!

RGB Lighting

The new wireless version of the Model O mouse is as bright and glorious as its wired counterpart. The two large light strips on both sides provide enough luminescence for a brighter-looking mouse while allowing some RGB to show through from the other side. Changing the lighting types and brightness settings with the Glorious Core software is easy.

Pc Gaming Race Glorious Model O Wireless Software 4 Pc Gaming Race Glorious Model O Wireless Software 3

What’s the Verdict?

The Glorious Model O Wireless is a great choice if you’re looking for a gaming mouse that’s light and comfortable to hold. It has very low latency and high polling rates for quick responses. The mouse is well-built and well-designed to be easy to use. Priced at $79.99, this mouse is in a league apart from others, and it’s affordable. If you take your pc gaming seriously, you know what I mean.

Review: Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse Is Bomb! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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