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Gaming Headset GSP 601 & GSX 300 EPOS | Sennheiser Review: Battle station Ready!

GSP 601 & GSX 300


Comfortable for hours


Built Quality


Sound Quality







  • Look and feel
  • Great sound detail
  • Clear in-game conversation
  • Comfortable for hours


  • Price
  • Missing active noise cancelling

Sennheiser has a name for making some of the finest headphones in the world. The EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 601, however, stands out from the crowd. With an array of features that are certain to rock your world, the GSP series never ceases to amaze, elevating your gaming experience to a whole new level; This is why you also need to pair it with the GSX 300 external sound card.

Gaming headsets are the latest craze among gamers. There are three criteria needed for a gaming headset; The sound needs to be amazeballs, they need to look dope, and your teammates need to be able to hear you well. No battle station is complete without the right gear!

GSP 601 EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601 EPOS Sennheiser

The GSP 601 Design

The gaming headset is bold and powerful, with futuristic aesthetics that will have you turning heads. The design is complemented not only by its bold exterior but by its technology.

It’s a mix of the GSP 500 and 600, with a little something extra. It’s got the same smooth plastic with bronze rims as the GSP 500, but it also comes with some black accents that resemble those of the GSP 600. Additionally, you can customize the look by using the included white plates. It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi universe, with its robotic approach.

It’s as sturdy as they come. One of the first things we noticed about them was how lightweight it feels – and that’s a good thing. The microphone is good enough for some decent recording, while the band is firm enough to withstand daily use. Padded ear cups combined with a padded layer on the headband leave you with a comfortable fit that won’t disturb you during those extended gaming sessions.

Gaming Headset GSP 601 & GSX 300 EPOS Sennheiser Review product 1

The Features

The GSP 601 is a versatile gaming headset that works with almost any device, whether you’re playing PC games on your computer or engaging in the same on-the-go activity with a PlayStation 5. The modern gamer in you does not need to be restricted by the nature of the device. I’m only going to cover the PC Gaming aspect.

The on-headset controls make it easy to tinker with audio mid-game. On the right side of the headset, there’s a dial that lets you adjust the volume, and on the left, the mic on its downward position lets you actively engage team members while being positioned upward mutes it.

Pairing the headset with the GSX 300 external sound card elevates what you hear dramatically. With its added software, you can customize your sound experience even further; This gives a better definition of your listening experience with adjustment levels for both the headphones and the microphone.

GSX 300 DAC EPOS Sennheiser

The Audio Experience

Finding a headset that is just as functional for gaming as it is for other activities is tricky. This one fits the bill, with a crisp voice and clear, distinct sound production for gaming, music and movies. While playing FPS or RPG games, I can hear enemies sneaking up behind me or the footsteps of a monster approaching in the distance. All the different sounds are what make the experience you need to hear everything that goes around you.

Remember I talked about the GSX 300 external sound card? The added software allows you to enable that 7.1 sweet surround sound. You can then tweak the sound levels and add that sweet reverb to the mix.

The oversized over-ear design makes your ears feel like they are in a quiet cocoon. The closed acoustic cups isolate you from ambient noise, and even without any noise cancelling, the noise isolation does a solid job of blocking out most outside sounds. These are also loud enough to make your close-by neighbours mad if the sound is not at an acceptable volume setting!

GSX 300 DAC Software GSX 300 DAC Software 2

Should you buy the EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601 & GSX 300?

The EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601 is a stylish premium gaming headset that comes in at a price of a little over $200, while the GSX 300 is about $90 on Amazon Canada. On Amazon in the US, you can put your hands on it for $200, while the external sound card is $79.99 on Amazon.

Its elegant futuristic aesthetic and premium build quality are things you can appreciate even without hearing the sound it creates. The incredibly comfortable design makes it easy for extended play sessions, and the inline volume control and built-in mic provide easy access to vital features. The sound to me is wondrous — thanks to the strong bass and immersive highs that come from its understated, crystal-clear audio with the GSX 300 external sound card.


They are a well-designed set of gaming headphones that sound particularly good and look quite stylish. Their high price means they are not accessible to everyone, but if you have the cash, you will make note of how improved your games sound with them. The DAC enhances the quality of the sound output from your PC quite a bit, which is why it’s recommended to get both.

Gaming Headset GSP 601 & GSX 300 EPOS Sennheiser Review lifestyle 2

Gaming Headset GSP 601 & GSX 300 EPOS Sennheiser Review product 2

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