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Five Home Tech Must-Haves Summer 2021
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Five Home Tech Must-Haves – Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is in full swing, and I’m going to throw some ninja five home tech must-haves at you to make your summer a breeze!

Some tech has value all year round. For example, you probably have your phone in your pocket, no matter the season. Some tech, by contrast, only has real value for part of the year. If, however, it delivers enough usefulness, it can still be well worth having. With that in mind, here are my five home tech must-haves for summer.

Get a solar-powered charging pad!

Regardless of where you live, you get most of the sunshine in the summer. You might not get enough to provide power to major appliances, but you will, however, almost certainly get enough to power smaller electronic gadgets. Since we all have plenty of these devices around, solar power can be something that can effectively lower your electrical bill. It’ll be good for the planet.

Unlike full-on solar panels, solar-powered charging pads are small enough that you can use them in any season. Take reasonable care of them, and you can bring them out year after year for more savings.

A neat trick is using a sunset alarm clock!

There are all sorts of alarm clocks for various purposes. Sunset alarm clocks are of the same idea but in reverse. The idea is that you use window coverings to create darkness in your bedroom. You then use a sunset alarm clock to trick your body into thinking that the sun is going down and that, hence, it should go to sleep.

You can buy devices that work as both sunrise alarm clocks and sunset alarm clocks. These can also be handy for people who work shifts.

Add some fun with a waterproof, portable soundbar!

Since the early days of music, people have needed to take their jamming boom box with them. Now, everyone wants wireless sound, especially in summer. Everyone also wants to be around water, especially in summer. It makes no difference if this is for the pool, the beach or the ocean. These days, the right tech can deal with it.

A basic waterproof, portable soundbar is probably only going to be used much in summer. Like solar-powered charging pads, however, they can be stored away out of use. Treat them reasonably, and you can get years of fun out of them.

You need to add a fan to your must-have!

These are investment pieces that are worth it. You’ll be needing a fan anyway, and air-purifying fans tend to be particularly energy-efficient (and quiet). They also tend to be very high-quality. Over time, therefore, you can expect them to earn their keep on that basis alone. Throw in air-purifying capabilities, and the price premium becomes even more justified.

They can make a big difference to anyone with allergies. It makes sense to eliminate as many pollutants as you can. Basically, the more you take care of your body, the more you can expect it to take care of you.

Nextgen a robotic lawnmower!

Mowing the lawn isn’t one of my things. You can look at investing in a robotic lawn mower that will free up your time for more fun activities. Alternatively, keep it as a backup to your regular mower when your lawn simply needs a trim.

Woooweee! Not bad for kicking off your summer 2021, right? This should be a hell of a good time with these five home tech must-haves!

Five Home Tech Must-Haves - Summer 2021 - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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