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Ivacy Vpn Is Secure And Private
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Ivacy VPN – Unblock Netflix & Disney+, Stay Secure and Private!

Ivacy VPN











  • Unblock Netflix, Disney+ etc.
  • Performs well/Reliable
  • Lots of Features
  • Excellent Longterm Price
  • Security/Privacy No Logs & Leaks


  • Missing WireGuard
  • Missing Independant Audit

A feature-rich VPN that has been around for some time and is improving

Privacy, Security, Reliability, Stream Anything Ivacy Has You Covered

Intro into Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a reliable, fast VPN with superior security and privacy. It boasts 3500+ servers in 100 locations, including dedicated servers for unblocking Netflix, Torrenting and Kodi. Ivacy offers strong encryption, a kill switch and IP address obfuscation, Malware protection, Encrypted connection, DNS leak protection, ten device connection types, and a zero-logging policy…

The new prices give users options of subscribing for different periods. They can choose to pay monthly or yearly or choose another plan — and it also comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee. I suggest going with the monthly plan as you get a better price overall.

The service is effortless for anyone to use. Install on whichever device you use, enter your username and password and click connect. The “smart connect” feature lets you pick a type of activity such as streaming, torrenting, unblocking content etc.

Ivacy Vpn - Windows 10 Ivacy Vpn - Windows 10 Pic 01

Testing Security/Privacy

I wanted to ensure that Ivacy passed all the “right” tests. One of those is IP verification so that no IP information leak happened. I confirmed that your internet wasn’t showing your location to the world while using Ivacy. Another aspect to check is if it passes the DNS Leak test, this is also a way to identify where you are approximately in the world, such as the city and internet service you use. Again, Ivacy passed it with no problems. Continuing with the WebRTC leak, I was also able to confirm that we couldn’t identify you or your location.

As much as you can get shielded from being discovered online, accessing your favourite website with your login can still show who you are; Nothing is foolproof. Try to leave the least amount of footprints.

Ivacy also guarantees that no log collection beyond the name and payment method used; Meaning that even if Ivacy, which operates in Singapore, had to produce information about people, they wouldn’t be able, since there’s no link to name and payment methods. Using an encrypted VPN also ensures that no one can snoop on your internet activities. Most VPN uses secure 256-bit encryption to guarantee as much privacy as possible.

Ivacy Vpn - Windows 10


  • Unblock Streaming Content (Disney+, Netflix, BBC, etc)
  • Download Torrents
  • Keeping Private on Public WiFi
  • Avoid Internet Tracking
  • Avoid Censorship

Using Ivacy is EASY!

Sign Up, download the app for smartphone, tablet or laptop, log in and click connect.

You can easily set up Ivacy with plenty of other services such as your browser, router, TV, Xbox, Kodi, Fire Stick etc.

Ivacy Vpn On SmartphoneIvacy Vpn On Smartphone
Ivacy Vpn On Smartphone

The Cost of Ivacy VPN

Stream Content From Anywhere With IvacyIvacy offers four plans for consumers. The first one starts on a month-to-month basis with a $9.99 cost. Subscribing to a one-year service plan brings you to a monthly of $3.99, for which you’ll be billed $44 for the year. Opting for the two-year service plan brings the monthly to $2.45, which is $59 for the year. Now, the best deal so far is the FIVE-YEAR PLAN! Coming in with a monthly of $1.33 and billed for $80 for 5-Full years!

Ivacy provides several methods of payment. From the standard credit card to PayPal and Bitcoin. The choice is yours!

Final thoughts

Ivacy VPN is an all-around service, providing security, privacy, reliability, accessibility to a wide range of content. The ease of use of any of the application’s offerings is simple. The low cost allows for flexibility, and a 30-day money-back guarantee covers your first tryout. Of all the VPN services you can choose from, Ivacy is at the top of the list. Always looking at bringing additional features to help you.

Ivacy Vpn - Unblock Netflix &Amp; Disney+, Stay Secure And Private! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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