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NOMAD’s Luxurious Base Station Mini Review – Wireless Fast Charge

NOMAD Base Station Mini

Nomad, a well-known brand in the wireless charging market, has released a new model of its popular Base Station lineup. This new version is tailored for the needs of individual consumers. It’s called Base Station Mini, and I go hands-on with it to see if it’s a BUY or PASS.

The question that burns most consumers will it fast charge my smartphone? Yes and No. It starts with if your smartphone supports fast charging and then at what wattage. Then you can explore the wireless pad and the power plug.

The Chic Design

The Nomad Base Station stands out from the crowd with its unique design elements and superior construction. Made of a strong aluminum alloy, this stylish base with a leather-wrapped charging surface on top protects your smartphone when placed against it. An engraved logo adorns the front of the case, and three silicone strips make sure it stays in place at night or during the day.

Nomad'S Luxurious Base Station Mini Review - Wireless Fast Charge

Base Station – Mini $59.95

There’s a USB-C power port on the side of the Nomad for charging. Next to it is the ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the front-facing red status LED depending on the lighting in the room.

Nomad includes a five-foot USB-C cable in the box though it doesn’t include the requisite power adapter. You can pick up the new Nomad 20W USB-C power adapter, which is very small and compact. In addition, the company’s Nomad 20W USB-C charger delivers up to 15W of wireless charging on supported devices.

Buy or Not?

It’s a fantastic little charger that provides fast charging. I love it and use it with my smartphone quite often. The Base Station Mini fits on any table, workspace or nightstand. Super cute-looking with its small size. I prefer this to most solo wireless charging pads.

The Base Station Mini has an expensive price tag of $59.95 compared to other portable chargers on the market. We’d advise spending a few more dollars and getting a unit with multiple charging options, such as a multi-device charger such as the Base Station Pro. If you need one pad, then get this one.

Check out other Nomad products here.

Nomad'S Luxurious Base Station Mini Review - Wireless Fast Charge - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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