Why Geeky Weird Decors are More Tempting in 2021
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Why Geeky Weird Decors are More Tempting in 2021

Geeky weird decors – Your staged home

Everyone loves something a little quirky in their house, whether it’s an abstract piece of artwork or a mounted radiator further up the walls. Being a gamer or a total geek into coding and technology, people expect us to have a house filled with weird stuff. And let’s face it, geeky weird decors are likely what we’ve got!

Your home is likely full of figurines and mint condition characters, movie posters and computer tech with tons of gadgets sitting around the place. There’s no “staged home syndrome” here, just your stage with your colours, characters and nods to your favourite characters and worlds.

Instagram and social media have made us obsessed with our homes looking monochromatic, and well, boring. White walls, gray decor, muted tones and clean lines – it all makes the house look good online, but in reality, no one wants to live in a showhome. Instead, we need to be less obsessed with matching everyone and more obsessed with allowing our freak flags to fly!

You can add your lamps of Dragon Ball Z design and your many computer screens if you want to. You can add your blue lights and your mint condition comics on display – and you shouldn’t have to care about anyone else! With this in mind, here are some of the weird decor ideas your home will benefit from – because why not?

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Oh! Remember those mint condition comics and characters? You know the ones talked about earlier? Why not start with those? Decorating is about adding all the keepsakes, things you love. Add all of the ones you’ve collected on high shelves around the house, and make sure that you have your favourites on display at all times. When you do this, you’re adding your actual personality to the space and not the one that social media makes you believe that you should have. Your staged home is about you, after all!

Be Unique

If you have unique interests (we see your Pokemon bedspread), own it. Those things that you’re most passionate about will make you stand out, and you should be as unique as you like. So what if your passion is Lord of the Rings? So what if you own a life-sized C3P0? The point is that your unique items are going to make your home look completely different from other people’s homes. Embrace your geeky weird decors. Don’t forget that this is YOUR staged home and no one else’s.

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Keep Collecting

Anyone who tells you that your collection of geeky and wonderfully weird decors is too much can take themselves out the door. Add the pieces you love the most to each space can be easy if you start with the subtle touches. For example, start with the lamps in the room and build up from there. You’ll know when too much is too much as it’ll be YOU who gets sick of it first before anyone else.


When decorating your home, start thinking about how you’ll feature your prize and joy. You can use coloured RGB led lights that are voice-activated. Add a rotating display case.

I was also thinking about getting a cheap frame and incorporate a Justice League poster, Star Trek, and some Legend of Zelda posters. Another fun idea is to get yourself some LED Light Saber chopstick that you can add to your decor, and mine sits in my scotch glasses in the cabinet, which gives it a nice touch.

Come up with some unique and crazy way to let your inner geek flair up! I know for some it’s a showpiece, and they set their place up as if it was a staged home. Geeky weird decors are where things are going with all sorts of unique pieces.

Something to think about

Your house, your home, is your staged home. It’s your showroom. Make it sublime for you. You deserve the comfort, the things that make you, you! The geeky weird decors you have features more about your personality and who you are than the staged showroom that many envision. It gives a vibrant and fun feeling that you get to enjoy every day.

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