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Mobilo Card – An Effortless NFC evolution to the Business Card

Mobilo Card NFC Business Card

In Today’s world, we’ve all jumped on the bandwagon with TAP&PAY. We actively do this with our banking cards, credit cards & smartphones. The smartphone phase is still pretty new to many. What about our business cards?

The technology behind this, we call NFC for near field communication, is what allows this to be possible. What if we did the same thing to our business cards?

Mobilo Card NFC business card, the SMART digital business card, is where I’m leading you to. The idea isn’t new, as early as 2015. It required you to play around with an NFC reader and NFC writer. It wasn’t user friendly for everyone. You also couldn’t write everything you want because of the limited space. Even today’s NFC, you still can’t write everything to the chip.

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How-To Use

Tapping your card with someone’s smartphone will allow them to get all of your contact information via a card profile. It’s as simple as opening it and importing the details when prompted.

Mobilo Card NFC business card does this in a way that is user friendly, easy to understand, and allows you to update information on the fly. You can do this via the APP or their website. By login into the portal that lets you change all of your information, you can update your telephone, address, links, social media, and more.


You get the choice of 4 styles of cards, all with a varying degree of features. The Mobilo Card starts at $7 and goes all the way to $249. The premium features and functionality differs from one to the other. A custom Mobilo Card will cost you a one-time charge of $39, which is a great deal when you want to showcase yourself.

You can use any smartphones that support NFC. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android or even an older generation. A QR code is provided at the back for a smartphone that cannot do NFC.

Mobilo Nfc Business Card Pic 3

Go check them out at Two months in and I’m still loving what it can do!

Mobilo Card - An Effortless Nfc Evolution To The Business Card - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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