Gaming Headset Unleashed - Patriot Viper V380: Review
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Gaming Headset Unleashed – Patriot Viper V380 Review

Gaming Headset Unleashed – Patriot Viper V380 Review


Whenever you think of a gaming headset, you may be inclined to think of SteelSeries, Turtle Beach or HyperX. I’m going to throw at you Patriot Viper V380. I’ve partnered with Viper Gaming in the past for other products, such as their keyboards and mice. I’m not sponsored by them to bring you the Gaming Headset Unleashed – Patriot Viper V380: Review.

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review box

Sound Quality

As a gamer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They are no issues with audio quality with the Patriot Viper V380. The 53mm neodymium drivers are larger than the standard 50mm that many other headsets in this class offer. You’ll get high-quality audio with no need to boost it with software. This is good for both gaming and listening to music. The sound quality can be compared to my Master & Dynamics and my Sennheiser’s.

This gaming headset is equipped with a virtual 7.1 surround sound, which you can easily access within the software. This is a feature you’re bound to use in an FPS scenario for when being able to hear foes from all sides can be an advantage. If I take, for example, Valorant, I get a better feel for where people are around me when I’m rushing through things. The sound of them walking, the gush of people running etc.

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review earcup

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review RGB

Voice Quality

While sending voice messages on Telegram to friends, my voice came out clear. No one at any given time could tell I sat right beside an air conditioner that’s loudly making its typical noise, or that I have a desktop PC sitting on my desk with a giant videocard that revs at times when I’m actively engaging it. Even the typical noise of someone else being in the room wasn’t picked out.

The environment noise cancellation (ENC) feature is doing some sort of witchcraft!

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review microphone

Headset Design

There’s a lot of things happening on the outside. The most obvious aspect is the RGB spectrum on each earcup, which can also be controlled from the software that you can install.

The microphone is detachable, and this allows you to make use of it or not. You could even replace it with something similar, depending on your needs.

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review headset

You can find 3 control options on the left earcup. You can control the volume, mute and RGB style.

The entire construct of the headset is sturdy and soft. The earcups encompass my ears, they are light, feels nice, and are squishy enough to keep this satisfyingly comfortable. The headband offers the same cushy feeling that the earcups provide.

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review headband

Software Controls

The software allows you to control some aspects of your sound. The equalizer will let you adjust the different reach of the spectrum, and let you define what is best for you.

Using the voice clarity option for the speakers will provide you with ease of understanding others. While the Xear 3D drives the 7.1 surround experience.

The Xear ENC is exactly that, the environmental noise cancellation, for when you are engaged in speaker to people and you want to ensure they perfectly understand what you are saying.

Xear Magic Voice is simply a tool that lets you sound different to others, much like synthesizing your voice.

While the lighting option gives you control over the RGB earcups style.

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review headset settings Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review RGB settings

Cost & Final Thoughts

I just did a deep dive into Gaming Headset Unleashed – Patriot Viper V380 Review. I wanted to explore all the aspects that it offered and give you my opinion on it. I’m quite pleased with my recent purchase. Great sound, excellent comfort, easy to use settings, and it won’t break the bank. I paid on Amazon Canada $122.99.

Source: Amazon Canada | Amazon US

Gaming Headset Patriot Viper V380 Review testing

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