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Vpn Meaning - Best Vpn 2020 Why You Should Use A Vpn Right Now!
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VPN Meaning – Best VPN 2020 Why you should use a VPN right now!

Intro VPN meaning – Best VPN 2020

Protecting your privacy online is more crucial than ever. Simply just following best “practices” isn’t enough now a day. Here comes the world of VPN services. Don’t sweat it! I’ve taken the liberty of covering the basics in this infographic. If you’ve searched for VPN meaning, you’re at the right place, will get all this sorted out so that you can understand what it does for you.

The infographic touches just the basics, but it can do a lot more than what is on the surface.

Vpn Meaning - Best Vpn 2020 Why You Should Use A Vpn Right Now!

What we’ve learned in this small infographic about VPN meaning?
  • Encrypts the stuff you do online so it can’t be seen.
  • Protects your privacy while on public WiFi such as cafes, airports, public libraries.
  • Stops man in the middle attacks. (A method used to still your information)
  • Unblocks access to restricted content by geographic restrictions (IE: watching Netflix US content in Canada).
  • Stops your Internet service from slowing you down.
  • Blocks unwanted AD’s.
  • Blocks web trackers, cookies that can identify who you are.
  • A good service offers 0 log retention. It cannot comply with law enforcement since it doesn’t record activities.
  • It offers servers around the world.

Depending on the service you choose to use, you can have other benefits that aren’t listed here. We’ve chosen Surfshark as our goto for our VPN needs, and this is the reason why it’s our Best VPN 2020. The offering of features is pretty big. We are looking at a strict no-log policy, you can use as many devices as you want, torrenting is allowed, you can unblock content that’s restricted in your area such as Netflix, it’s a secure service, and extra perks include multihop servers & Ad-Blocking.

Surfshark VPN – Best VPN 2020

Surfshark is only $2.69/mo Canadian or $64.56 for 24 months (2-years). **Note $1.99/mo USD.

Source: Surfshark VPN

Vpn Meaning - Best Vpn 2020 Why You Should Use A Vpn Right Now! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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