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Nomad Rugged Case Pixel Buds Review
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Rugged Case from Nomad – Google Pixel Buds : Review

Another gem from Nomad is the Pixel Buds rugged case made of leather that they sent over for me to check out! I’ll also be giving out a pair! So be sure to check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the details and always let me know what you think of my review!

There are millions of accessories on the market. We have accessories for everything or at least nearly everything. Why would a charging case and in-ear headphones be different? Bringing some style, flavour, and a bit of je ne sais quoi to the game such as a leather case, pouch, sleave for the Pixel Buds is no exception.

Nomad Rugged Case Pixel Buds Review Combo

Nomad’s Leather Rugged Case – Pixel Buds: Review

As you would expect from Nomad, the rugged case is made of leather, which is pleasing to the touch. The leather-look, the smell, the feel of it falls in the luxury category.

Being prone to dropping things all around you isn’t a good thing, but if you have a rugged case like this one for the Pixel Buds by Nomad you can rest assured that you won’t damage them!

There’s not much else to say, but having easy access to the charging port is a good thing to have added. Being able to see the front led is a nice added touch. There’s an included loop inside just to make sure you keep a hold of it. Definitely not a bad thing if you ask me.

It’s a great addition to an already great product, so why not give a shot? The rugged case retails for $34.95 United States Dollars.

Visit: Nomad Goods

Nomad Rugged Case Pixel Buds Review Nomad Rugged Case Pixel Buds Review
Are you interested in the Rugged Case by Nomad for the Pixel Buds 3? I’ll be giving away a pair! You simply need to follow me on Twitter, retweet with a comment and tell me why! The link below:

DISCLAIMER: Canada Only. The winner will be picked on June 11th, 2020.

Rugged Case From Nomad - Google Pixel Buds : Review - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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