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Nomad Leather Case For The Modern Nomad In All Of Us

Astounding Nomad leather case for the Modern Nomad in all of us

Nomad Leather Case

Accessories for smartphones are endless. You can find them at your local gas station, superstore or the dollar store. Excellent products tend to last longer and survive the brutal abuse that a Nomad like yourself puts it through.

A company you may be familiar with Nomad produces a variety of accessories for Android & iPhone. You can find cases, power banks, cables and an assortment of other accessories.

Built Quality

Do you like the look of leather? The feel? The smell? Ever thought a rugged-looking stylish, tall bearded handsome looking case could be as such? The Rugged Case for the Pixel 4 series might just fit that description quite well.

During the Christmas season, my friends over Nomad sent in a care package. The Rugged nomad leather case for the Pixel 4 was one of those items. While it looks spiffy, you also need to have a decent amount of protection. The hard shell, the rubber edges for the screen all provide reliable safety.

Nomad Leather Case For The Modern Nomad In All Of Us

Pricing Issues

I do have some issues with one thing when it comes to accessories. I often find that they are overpriced, and again this my own opinion on the matter. The Rugged Case for the Pixel 4 comes in at $49.95 United States dollar. This means it’s a little over $66 in Canada.

I do believe that Nomad has priced it a little high, yes. I also denote that this a luxury item and I can see the appeal. I’m wondering if half that cost would be feasible? What about $24.95?

Look & Feel

I commend Nomad for the quality, the craftsmanship in their line of products. There’s a market out there always on the prowl for the next luxury item that will make people talk.

Reaching out to my readers, what do you think? Are you the type that goes for the next luxury item? Does it need to match a specific style? Hit me up!

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Nomad Rugged Case Pixel 4 Overview

Source: Nomad Leather Case

Astounding Nomad Leather Case For The Modern Nomad In All Of Us - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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