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Dbrand Ringke Skin Case Combo

dBrand RingKe skin case combo creating a unique distinguishable effect!

dBrand RingKe Skin Case Combo

Our gadgets tend to define who we are in some manner. We have phone cases, accessories & skins that help define them as much as we define ourselves.

When you look at what’s available, many go for what’s already available directly from local retailers. I find that this homogenizes the uniqueness of who we are by being like everyone else.

If you know who I am, you already know that I don’t go for what everyone has. I will get something more noticeable, bolder and or blazingly unique.

I’m always looking at creating something different. The term “theme” is what’s referred to as the customization of something. We can do this for the look and feel as well as the external appearance of our smartphone.

In the last few posts, you may have noted that I came up with an unusual combination. What would you think of dbrand + Ringke or as I would call it dBrand RingKe skin case combo?

Dbrand Ringke Skin Case Combo

dbrand featured a limited edition of their inside skins of the Pixel 4 and Rinke is known for their Fusion-X case series.

You can head over to my post on the skin that dbrand created -> here.

You can head over to my post about the Ringke Fusion-X case -> here.

What do you get after combining the two? A very particular combo. The futuristic look of the Ringke Fusion-X Pixel 4 case compliments the look of the dbrand skin of the Pixel 4 inner components.

So, now that you’ve gotten a chance to see what this looks like, what do you think?

The dbrand skin was a limited run and is not available anymore. You do have the chance to get the Ringke Fusion-X case for the Google Pixel 4 smartphone. Amazon Canada offers the case for $12.99.

Dbrand Ringke Skin Case Combo Creating A Unique Distinguishable Effect! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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