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Touch Gloves Made For The Canadian Winter Mujjo
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Touch Gloves made Canada’s Winter – Mujjo! (15% off)

[Update 12/11/2019]

MUJJO is in full swing for the Christmas season! A gift can be more than a gesture when it becomes part of someone’s everyday life and I like to think Mujjo‘s products fall under that category.

They are offering 15% off all products on Coupon: #qualitygifts (valid from today through Dec 16th).

Touch Gloves Made For The Canadian Winter - Mujjo! (25% Off Inside)

The next bit of tech is for use during the winter season. Mujjo launched one of their latest in terms of tech gear! A pair of gloves that I believe is made for us northern folks! There’s a Black Friday coupon at the end!

Touch Gloves Made For The Canadian Winter - Mujjo! (25% Off Inside)

Fabricated to hold its own against the environment it’s exposed to in the northern part of the world such as Canada, the unique triple-layered, double-insulated construction is laminated with both wind-resistant Micro Fleece and 3M Thinsulate.

The fabric was treated with a highly conductive material before being weaved into a slim, stretchy profile that shapes to your hands. This provides the glove’s ability to mimic the skin conductivity to allow the use of your smartphone.

While I do like the feel of the gloves and how well it wraps around my hands, I do have to note that the opening to insert your hands is pretty tight. I have large hands, to begin with, and I had to squeeze myself in. Once I have the gloves on, they match the contours of my hands quite nicely.

With the weather being -10C at the time I was trying them out, my hands remained quite warm and comfy. For my American counterpart that translates to 14F. My goal is to use them all winter long and see how well my hands remain insulated, warm and comfy even as the temperature dips even further to such as -30C or -22F.

You aren’t limited to just using your smartphone, you can easily drive your car, shovel the snow and the list goes on.

The Black Friday promotion will be valid from Nov 28th through Dec 3rd. Coupon: #25off for all products on! **(Promo not available on Amazon or Amazon CA).

Touch Gloves Made For The Canadian Winter MujjoVisit: Mujjo and use the promo code.

Touch Gloves Made Canada'S Winter - Mujjo! (15% Off) - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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