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My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 Minimal Edc 2019
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My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 – Minimal EDC Tech 2019

My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 Minimal Edc 2019
My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 is what I consider a must-have for my day to day activities. This minimal EDC Tech approach might just be what many of you are looking for. You’ll be able to check the products out via the links posted throughout my post.

My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 Minimal Edc 2019

If you have a suggestion for what I should incorporate in my minimal EDC Tech, drop me a line via email or my social media posts!

Let’s take a peek into my world for my EDC tech.

Starting off with the Pixel 2 XL smartphone by Google. This device is not only my primary smartphone for going about my business, but it’s also my main “point and shoot” camera for photography on the go. The magic of my tech world begins here.


Find it on Amazon:

To assist me with this digital lifestyle, I have a battery case that serves two purposes; Protect and Charge. A whopping 5200 mAh of extra juice is available when I need it. The battery case doesn’t live on the phone constantly, just when power is needed.


While others might prefer the portable battery and cable situation, I find that this combination works the best for me.

Find it on Amazon:

Next item on the list is the infamous Nuraphone. This is a must if you enjoy having an orgasmic musical experience. The best way to describe the experience is a tailored listening experience done for your ears specifically.


Find it on Amazon:

I could definitely go around with something more compact, but I can’t compromise on sound when I’m in the midst of a busy urban city like Ottawa. We’ve just recently surpassed the cap of the 1-million city slickers!

To finish up my minimalist approach I have the Huawei Matebook 13 which offers some great compact power in a small form factor. Roaring under the hood is an Intel i7-8565U with 8GB DDR4 memory coupled with the NVIDIA GeForce MX150. Delivering all the power I need for work on the go and on hot trendy topics.


Find it on Amazon:

This brings me to the end of My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 – Minimal EDC 2019, I’m hopeful that you find some of the items of interest or that it at least provides you with some reference for your own purchases and or minimal approach to your EDC.

Is there anything else you’d add to the minimalist EDC Tech? Let me know via email or on my social media posts!

My Minimal Everyday Carry Tech 2019 - Minimal Edc Tech 2019 - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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