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Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard : Review

Viper Gaming is sponsoring this review of the V770 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard! I’ll give you some of my experiences and provide you with how I feel the keyboard has worked out for me.

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard : Review

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The V770 starts with a detailed crafted aluminum chassis which is sturdy. It offers some substantial weight and ensures it doesn’t move when hammering those keys.

On the outside frame, you’ll also find a USB and AUDIO passthrough which allows you to connect your other peripherals and your preferred headset.

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard Review 1

For myself, I don’t usually make use of the external connections that you can find on keyboards. I typically have my headset connected to my own sound mixer. The extra options, in my opinion, are not needed.

The keyboard provides you with 5 dedicated macro keys. The extensive customization that you can do within the software is very impressive. You can create multiple profiles with some default macros. You can then cycle within your profiles for the combination that you require for the game you are playing.

At the very top left, you have a series of pre-defined RGB illumination scheme. You can get more patterns if you install the software. I suggest you check the video out to see what you can do.

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard Review 2

To the right side of the keyboard, you can find the media keys. These keys will control play, forward, back and the volume.

The actual key switches on this are red switches. The level needed to actuate them is very small. You do not need to press hard to get something to happen.

When it comes to the software for this particular keyboard, you can definitely trick it out. You can customize the lights, the pattern, the profiles, the macro combinations.

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard Review 3

My experience while using the keyboard over the last few weeks has been met with ups and downs. My issue is hitting the macro keys while I’m not gaming. If only you saw what happened. It’s taking some time for me to get my groove.

I’m following some tutorial on YouTube for the macros. What can be done is pretty impressive. I created a few combinations for the games I’m playing. I’m getting my butt handed to me in some games like Apex and The Division 2. For the most part, I’m getting better.

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard Review 5

Is this the right keyboard for you? Depending on how much room you have, it can! It does everything that’s needed well. I’m considering going back to my slim mechanical gaming keyboard. The keyboard I prefer offers low-profile keys, smaller actuation time, RGB profiles and it’s compact.

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Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard : Review - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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