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ICETEK 3 Case Fans RGB LED Kit ($31 CAD)

Looks like the Budget Computer got it’s 3 Fans kit a little early! The price was right, it looked like it would fit nicely and deliver some nice lightning while still cooling down the overall case by as much as 10-degree Celsius.

ICETEK 3 Case Fans RGB LED Kit ($31 CAD)

This is part of the Budget Gaming computer series I started and I didn’t have the RGB case fans for it. To my surprise, they showed up 2 weeks earlier.

If you haven’t seen the article and the build for it head on over: Can you build a Gaming computer on a BUDGET?

The ICETEK 3 Case Fans Kit is just $31 CAD on Amazon, while I was expecting to pay a lot more for having a combo kit features RGB, I didn’t expect to find these at the price they are.

(Prices listed in USD)

The installation of the fans themselves is pretty easy and are quite solid. The rubber pads offer shock absorption and ensuring that there’s no rattling happening. Simply connect the fans in series to the hub and attach it to the Molex power supply. Take the infrared remote that comes with it and set your pattern.

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