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90-degree USB Type-C cable chargers

A cable to charge your device is just a cable right? The problem with this I will over some time need to get newer ones. I tend to set the phone on my chest, on the sofa, in bed etc. In the end, the cable becomes useless.

90-degree USB Type-C cable chargers


What would you think about a 90-degree cable on the ends? Avoiding the bending of the ends over time.

The perfect angle when attempting to play video games or watch a movie in a landscape position.

MCDODO offers a cable that does just that, the 90-degree USB Type-C. The maximum input you’ll get is 2A. You’ll get the most basic form of fast charge which is faster than the standard.

Reversible USA-A and Type-C are by default reversible, ensuring that you can’t get confused in the dark.

90-degree USB Type-C cable chargers

The cables cable length reaches 1.2 meters and is typically long enough for most consumer. The intricate thing was finding out if the cable was compliant. I couldn’t find anything in the details about the safety information related to being legacy compatible.

You’d think that since the days of Benson Leung that most USB Type-C cables are safe, but the fact is some are still not safe for legacy devices.

Is this one safe? So far, everything points to yes. Haven’t found contradicting information. You can get yourself your own on Amazon Canada. Check out the link below.

[amazon_link asins=’B07H5DWG3J,B07D6GBTRC,B01HZHBJPK’ template=’ProductCarousel2′ store=’cryounfiltere-20′ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’dc02a338-dc98-11e8-9636-1ff7e7f02563′]

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