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Truly wireless Ascent Micro: Review

The Ascent from Rowkin is their new line of earphones. There’s 3 Ascent to choose from; Ascent Charge+, Ascent Charge, Ascent Micro. Rowkin’s business is to deliver a true stereo wireless experience.

Truly Wireless Ascent Micro: Review

When it comes to delivering sound, Rowkin is one of the many that you can choose from, however, likely one of the best in this corner.

I received a pair of the Ascent Micro at the launch of the product to review and test. Some of the first things I look for in a product is how they fit, how they sound, what are my options and ultimately do I see myself enjoying them.

  • Wireless Bluetooth stereo experience
  • Small form factor
  • Charing case
  • Great for extended play time
  • The way the earphones fit is a bit on the weird side.
  • The design and the curvature that the earphones have doesn’t align with how my inner ears are. (The Bit Charge Touch have a better fit for my ears.)
  • Sound profile requires the use of the Rowkin app to get it to an enjoyable audio experience.


Ascent Micro Rowkin Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa Canada

The construct of the Ascent Micro gives them a solid metal feel with some weight. The insertable part is slightly curved to allow a better a better fit and sound experience. (Mind you this doesn’t apply to my inner ear, I seem to have an acquired inner ear which stops the earphone to insert itself properly.)

Now that I’ve outlined my pro’s and con’s of the Ascent Micro; Let’s dive into my review.

The first thing I recommend doing is getting yourself the Rowkin app from the Google Play Store. Ensure that you have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone, turn on the Ascent Micro and pair them.

Next step is to open the Rowkin app so that you set the sound profile to flat. It’s now time to play some music. Open your favourite music app and play a song, then head into the Rowkin app and set the profile to what suits you best. The Rowkin app needs to allow customers for a greater control of the sound equalizer.

Rowkin App Rowkin App

Developer: Rowkin
Price: Free

Ascent Micro Rowkin Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa Canada

Ready? I sure am!

Time to set me with some of my favourite EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tunes and check out the sound that comes out of these babies. One of the reasons I like EDM specifically is the ability it has to cross over to many genres. I can feel the bass, the high notes, the intricate voices and waves of sounds.

I have been able to insert them in my ears from a different angle and obtain a more comfortable feel. That has allowed me to create a better seal with the marshmallow gel tip.

The bass notes:
You can hear the richness of the bass quite beautifully. This deep bass doesn’t reach all the way on the spectrum and will fall flat near the end. Although, not unusual for in-ear headphones.

The middles notes:
In-ear headphones such as the Ascent Micro are capable of delivering impressive and accurate vocals and instrumentals. While representation in sound is subject to a personal opinion, you may experience something different.

The high notes:
It was very tricky when it came to the highs. I tried different sound profiles. Unfortunately, attempting to balance the high notes with a different sound profile was met with issues. The best that I could do was with the bass profile which allowed me to enjoy that music more. You could still hear the excess treble within most titles I played.

Ascent Micro Rowkin Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa Canada

The Ascent Micro is a pair of headphones that you shouldn’t overlook. While beautifully designed, they do pack some power. They are best suited for the ones that are quite active and will contribute to an enjoyable experience for most. The price point on the Ascent is quite decent for a product in this category. Coming in at just $119 US this can make for a great companion.

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Truly Wireless Ascent Micro: Review - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes

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