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Unlisted by Keepsafe: Protect your number

Keepsafe is a company that wants to ensure that you’re safe all the time while online. This is where we have an app like Unlisted! If you’re unsure about giving out your telephone number, then give out an Unlisted number.

Keepsafe Unlisted - Android Launch

With today’s privacy fleeting more than ever, it’s important to keep some of our private aspect of life private. There’s no need for everyone to have access to our actual telephone number.

I hate it when I get calls from random numbers, unknown numbers or even text messages. If you aren’t in my contacts, you shouldn’t be calling me for anything. On the other end of that, if we have some kind of relationship whether it be personal or business, of course, I’m ok with being contacted.

There’s way too many unknown callers of any kind out in this world and being able to have some privacy helps. Having Unlisted could and can help to that effect.

The company has a nice saying directly on their page “Your privacy is your business”. Keepsafe is doing whatever it can to ensure that.

This is perfect for meeting up with new people, you initially give them a burner number so that they can call and text you and if things don’t work out you can disconnect it move on to the next. Especially when on the dating scene, this can be a good effective app.

There are so many possibilities as to why you’d want to use something like Unlisted.

Unlisted Keepsafe Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa


  • Get a local number
  • Make calls
  • Send text
  • Receive voicemail

Keepsafe Unlisted Features Calls Text Voicemail

Unlisted Keepsafe Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa Unlisted Keepsafe Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa

Best part it’s a burner number, you can easily go ahead and change the number if for some reasons something happens.

This is a VoIP service the calls can take a bit of time to connect. Depending on your internet service you may experience some “latency”. The call quality is pretty clear, in fact, it’s much clearer than my traditional calls. The texting portion of the service is fast and works like a charm.

One thing to remember out of this, you need “internet” service for this to work. If you’re in the middle of nowhere Unlisted might no work for you since it relies solely on internet accessibility.

I’m glad to see that the application is making use of the material standard that Google set out. The interface colour scheme, however, needs to be overhauled to “ALLOW” for a dark mode and also a colour preference by the user. White and Purple are quite aggressive in my personal opinion. I’ve always preferred “dark” applications over white applications on a mobile device.

I guess this is an aesthetic feel that really bothers me. I do believe this is the only part of the application that annoyed me. As for the functionality it works as described.

Unlisted Keepsafe Review Android News All Bytes Martin Guay Ottawa

Unlisted By Keepsafe: Protect Your Number - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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