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The millennial migration from TV screen to phone screen

It’s no secret that we spend more and more time in front of our smartphone screen and this shows in the collected statistics.

YouTube Device Report Martin Android News Ottawa CanadaAccording to a 2018 study by eMarketer, Canadian millennials are putting down the remote and grabbing their phone to watch their favourite content on YouTube. On average, Canadians spend 8.1 hours per week watching on the platform, which tops other video streaming sites like Netflix (7.4 hours), and Facebook (7.3 hours). The following statistics also don’t take into account other various services, so these numbers could, in fact, be higher.

With this transition from TV screen to phone screen, YouTube has announced its Signature Devices for a best-in-class YouTube experience. Ranked against a variety of key attributes, YouTube endorsed a variety of devices as best-in-class for the platform.

The Top Choice? The Samsung Galaxy Note9.

But, there’s several other devices that top that list at YouTube:

YouTube signature device list Android News Martin Guay All bytes Ottawa Canada

Recently announced in New York, and hitting Canadian retail shelves beginning August 24, the Galaxy Note9 takes smartphone innovation to a new level through breakthrough power and performance that will keep up with even the biggest YouTube power users. Until August 23, Canadians who pre-order the Galaxy Note9 will receive a complimentary gift with purchase of the Gear IconX wireless earbuds, to keep all their favourite content sounding crystal clear.

This is sending out a pretty powerful message to the public! Many prominent reviewers and YouTubers have already tried, tested and reported on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 but there’s nothing like having the public actually take a go at it.


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