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OnePlus The Road to OnePlus 6 – Never Settle! [Infographic]

OnePlus The Road to OnePlus 6 – Never Settle has been one hell of a shit show! Anyone that’s been in the smartphone world knows about OnePlus and the rocky start they had. This road to put a smartphone that would hit the market as a “Flagship Killer” started all the way back to April 2014. It’s been a 4-year journey to bring out devices that would be solid for everyone at a budget price level.

OnePlus The Road to OnePlus 6 - Never Settle! [Infographic]

The very first time they hit the map it was a chaotic marketing nightmare when the “invite” system was introduced. Of course, at that time they wanted to be able to build up capital to be able to manufacture and deliver these devices and they didn’t have the financial backing needed to just go ahead and complete orders. OnePlus The Road to OnePlus 6 – Never Settle! [Infographic]

Take a look at the infographic and the sources for the information related to it.

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From the infographic here you can see that it’s been an interesting journey for the OnePlus 6, I’m sure they still have a long road ahead of them, however, one thing they’ll to need to keep in mind; If they intend to keep their followers they’ll need to stick to a price point that budget convenient and not so much stiff as the competition. In the end it the consumers will judge this with their hard earn cash. OnePlus The Road to OnePlus 6 – Never Settle! [Infographic]

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