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Cryptocurrency mobile miner for ETN now available on your smartphone!


The cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) is revolutionizing the mobile world by launching a mobile miner directly on the wallet. – By Marc Gauthier


What is Electroneum? Cryptocurrency mobile miner

Cryptocurrency Mobile Miner For Etn Now Available On Your Smartphone!

You have probably heard of Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency started in 2009 by an anonymous guy that everyone calls Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the creation of the Bitcoin, over 1700 alt-coins (alternative to Bitcoin) has been created. The popularity of crypto coins and the bitcoin technology has pushed the business to use this new money to fund their ideas and create a cash flow for their projects.

Electroneum Ltd. is the UK based company behind the new cryptocurrency called Electroneum (ETN). The vision of Electroneum is to become a must in the mobile world and they have accomplished that by becoming a member of the GSMA. The GSMA represents the interest of more than 800 mobile operators across the world. With this agreement, mobile companies will give access to electroneum to more than 100m users.

It is possible to gain Electroneum for free on your smartphone. Cryptocurrency mobile miner

Since the creation of Electroneum, one main aspect of the coin was the ability to mine it from your smartphone. After many trial and errors and beta testing for months, today marks the release of the mining app for Android.

While mining on a smartphone represents a small amount of profit, you need to think that over 1 billion people around the world live on less than 2$ USD per day. The ability to mine a coin with ease on a mobile phone can change a country’s economy especially if it continues to rise in value. The ability to have a free mobile service in exchange for paying the fees directly from the miner is also a viable option.

Step 1: Creation of your ETN wallet.

Cryptocurrency Mobile Miner For Etn Now Available On Your Smartphone!

Just like the fiat currency you own, you need a wallet to hold those digital funds. The reward you receive from mining has to be stored somewhere.

You will need to visit: and create an account. You can also use your Facebook account to create a wallet. The wallet comes with a two layers security; a pin and two-factor authentification which is required to keep your wallet safe.

Step 2: Download the Electroneum app from the Play store


Cryptocurrency Mobile Miner For Etn Now Available On Your Smartphone!

Once you’ve created your account on the Electroneum website, You need to download the ETN app from the play store.

You can follow the link here:

Then login to the app using the same information you used to create your wallet on the website. Your online wallet will sync with your Electroneum Android app and you’ll almost be on your way. The IOS version is currently pending Apple approval and shortly even Apple users will be able to enjoy the ability to mine coins for cash.

Step3: Start mining and be patient Cryptocurrency mobile miner


Once logged on your account on your smartphone, Start the miner, sit back and be patient. On my phone, I can continue to freely use it and it doesn’t drain the battery that much. Forget about it for a month and watch it grow slowly (depends on your phone model).

Step 4: Share the news and win big.

There is a weekly price of 5000 ETN. For a chance to win a share of the weekly price, you must introduce at least 5 people to the Electroneum app during that week. The more the word is spread, the more people will get into the cryptocurrency world. The best of it? IT’S FREE!

Yes, you read right, showing how to mine electroneum to your friends and family can earn you free coins.

Will this use data/wifi?

Like anything that needs access to the internet, this will require data or wifi access, but the usage is quite minimal. You’re looking at about 60 to 80mb for a whole month if you run the miner 24/7. Take note that the app is new, the data usage is approximate and in the future maybe this will be reduced even more.

Finally, this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a way of making a small profit using your mobile phone while at work, at the gym, while sleeping, any time your phone is on, you make money directly into your wallet.

Did you learn something or did you appreciate this article? You can help by making more articles like this one by using the referral code inside the ETN wall mining app.

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Cryptocurrency Mobile Miner For Etn Now Available On Your Smartphone! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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