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Nomad USB-C Wireless Hub is full of AWESOME! [Review]

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Nomad USB-C Wireless Hub is the next thing that’s coming out of Nomad. Don’t you know who they are? Makers of crafty and nifty gadgets, accessories for all your mobile smartphone needs, that’s who they are!

Nomad Usb-C Wireless Hub

But in all seriousness, Nomad USB-C Wireless Hub is the next generation of the original USB HUB which I reviewed earlier last year. This version adds 2 new things; Wireless Charging and a USB-C port! This still leaves you 3 standard USB-A port.

Nomad Usb-C Wireless Hub

The specification on the ports are pretty standard and for the new one just dropping in, I’ll give you a brief on the outputs. The USB-C port is a high capacity port delivery 3A of power, which translates it can charge fast. When it comes to the power delivery of the USB-A port, one is maxed at 2.1A while the other 2 are 1A each.

The top of the device is where the wireless charging pad is setup and it will charge the latest iPhones and Android devices that support the technology. This also makes way for the LED indicator which provides you with a visual queue of what’s charging and what’s done.

Nomad Usb-C Wireless Hub Review

This is definitely a step up in the right direction for Nomad. I’d like to see QC technology included in the next version of the device. This would allow for an even greater reach for consumers. This just makes sense since most of the device now run with Quick Charge/Fast Charge capabilities.

As with the previous model, you will not have USB-C or USB-A cables, you need to provide your own. Seeing as most of us have plenty of those around the place, it’s not a stretch to just connect those.

Nomad USB-C Wireless Hub blends in with almost any decor you may have, from the sophisticated penthouse pad to the upside down room of a dorm. It will compliment your existing environment.

Nomad Usb-C Wireless Hub Review

If you don’t already have a solution for your own home, I recommend you look into this one. It provides almost everything you need, whether this is for yourself, guest or others. I’ve got a one-stop for all at my place. If anyone needs to charge something they can just plug it in and leave it be for the duration that it needs. It’s a convenient spot, makes it easy and they don’t wonder where they left their smartphone.

The design, sophistication, the look and feel of the Nomad USB-C Wireless Hub is worth the price. Yes, I’m aware there’s alternative on the market that is half the cost, but for $79.95 USD this is a great buy.

With the number of gadgets that I have around the house, this is not a bad thing to have around, everything is charged and ready to go all the time.

Nomad Usb-C Wireless Hub Review

Let me know what you think, what you’re using as a solution for your own place and what works for you. Comment on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and or any other platform you’re connected with me!

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Nomad Usb-C Wireless Hub Is Full Of Awesome! [Review] - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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