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Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom, more enhancements in latest update

Some excellent news coming from Chris Lacy in regards to Action Launcher. The latest update improves some of the major features found in Action Launcher. Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom in v34.

Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom

AL gained AdaptiveZoom just a little while ago, ok maybe a bit longer than that, which was a very innovative icon enhancement that felt natural while making everything move together. The animation would move the icon to the screen in a move zoom manner while the application loaded. Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom

This latest update takes this further with an API that is meant to allow developers to control how their app launches. That’s not all folks. The changelog also shows some improvements in the zooming animation, it’s integration of Android 8.1’s folder animations and the new drag animations. Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom

Chris also brings something new with all this fluff! Action Launcher v34 introduces the “AdaptivePack Fallback” for Android Oreo peeps! This will allow prioritizing the app’s native adaptive icon when it’s enabled. Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom

It couldn’t be complete without including all apps that don’t have adaptive icon and this makes them supported with the “AdaptivePack” which we could call a “fake adaptive icon mode”. Please, people, make use of the Google Calendar, it’s rich in features and with the launcher you’ll get to see the bundled calendar icon use adaptive icons.

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