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Password Managers – Do you use one for your online activities?

While a lot of people might simply re-use the same password all over and or variants of that said password, others are taking a different approach to their online security by using a password manager.

Password ManagersThe use of a password manager allows you to remember only one single password that will keep a database (which is secure and encrypted) of all your complex passwords. This allows you to not have a need to remember a long and complicated password. The manager will take care of doing all the hard work for you. The only password you’ll need to remember can be anything you choose, but I recommend you opt for something that can’t be linked to you this would avoid being exploited. Password Managers

One of the key thing I like in a “BEST” and that very relative or maybe a personal opinion on the subject of a password manager is the flexibility sync with multiple devices in an encrypted database. The features I look for are typically tools that will simplify my use of all these different passwords with options to log me into my site with the least amount of work while keeping me safe. Even the ability to let me know that I’ve re-used the password on X, Y, Z is a good thing. This way you can go around to change all these to different passwords you can store in the password manager of your choice.

I’ve put up a poll that inquiries which password manager you are currently using and you do have the option to input something different if you don’t see yours in there. Looking forward to seeing all the responses.

Password Managers - Do You Use One For Your Online Activities? - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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