The LG V30 smartphone is a what music aficionado are looking for
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The LG V30 smartphone is what music aficionado are looking for!

The LG V30 came out at the end of 2017 and already they’re numerous reviews about the good and the bad. While it’s true that all smartphones have pro’s and con’s, in the end, it will depend on each consumer. The LG V30 smartphone is a what music aficionado is looking for!

The LG V30 smartphone is a what music aficionado are looking for!The LG V30 much like many of the other brands out there feature a similar list of hardware that doesn’t differentiate from the mass.

Where the LG V30 shine is the integrated DAC that LG made sure to have with the headphone jack. Yes, there’s a headphone on this device. This gives you a Supports Max 32bit / 384KHz audio files through wired headphones. Powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P, LG’s V30 Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers two new features that aren’t available on the V20 with the inclusion of digital filters and a range of sound presets.

Traditionally you would find filters in high-end audio devices which allowed the user to customise the way the audio impulse response felt. While the presets let you choose between enhanced, detailed and live you’ll also be able to adjust the audio via the software nobs for the left and right channel.

Streaming music from services like TIDAL which offers lossless music playback might be something you’ll want to try. If not, you can always play the lossless music you’ve got in your collection. Wait, is that still a thing? I guess, for the nostalgic, this might still be a thing. The LG V30 smartphone is a what music aficionado is looking for!

LG V30 Audio Jack DAC Cryovex Martin Android Ottawa Design 2

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