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My top 4 Awesome Icon Pack on Android

My top 4 Awesome Icon Pack on Android that I recommend to anyone that wants to spruce up their home screen. Let’s not forget some love for the icons in the app drawer as well.
Android allows anyone to take the full advantage of changing many aspects of their device. You can virtually change anything; From the keyboard, music app, icons, phone dialer, browser, texting app and the list goes on.

My top 4 Awesome Icon Pack on Android

I’ve featured some icon packs in the past and I’m going to give my current top 4 that I constantly switch around with. top 4 Awesome Icon Pack

Aeon ($1.29)
Designed by Stealthychief on the Google Play Store Aeon features a futuristic look when it comes to the icons. With its unique crafted wallpaper and neon icons, Stealthychief brought Android into a new space when this went live on the Play Store. It’s easily one of the best icon pack I’ve used. top 4 Awesome Icon Pack


Aeon Icon Pack Martin Android News Theme

Funkong ($2.39)
Sikebo is the creator behind Funkong, I’m not entirely sure on how to translate what the style of the icon pack is, however, it is definitely one of the more creative icon set I’ve seen in a long time. Somewhat retro, fluid and just stellar in the execution of these icons. It would bring a “je ne sais quoi” to any home screen. top 4 Awesome Icon Pack


Funkong Icon Pack Martin Android news Theme

Futurounds (Free)
Xynapse created one of the earliest icon set that gave this round techno vibe to an icon set. This has allowed me to be quite creative with my home screen in past years. Definitely has a flare of the Tron inspired feel to it. top 4 Awesome Icon Pack


Futurounds Icon Pack Martin Android news Theme

ProjectX ($2.49)
DrumDestroyer says it best “The ultimate black icon pack. Premium style blacked-out icons with an all-new evolution of enhanced material design effects!” This is dark colourful icon pack meant for the ones that walk the fine line between the line and the dark side. top 4 Awesome Icon Pack


ProjectX Icon Pack Martin Android news Theme

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