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Piggy Coupon Codes App That Makes Shopping On Mobile Pretty Awesome! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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Piggy Coupon Codes App that Makes Shopping on Mobile Pretty Awesome!

Piggy Coupon Codes App that Makes Shopping on Mobile Pretty Awesome! Just like that, you can save a bunch of money while shopping from your smartphone. If you’re familiar with the Google Chrome extension then you’ll be familiar with the app. The developers state that if a coupon can’t be found you’ll get rewarded with some cash back.

creators of “Piggy,” the 5-star rated Chrome coupon extension, have now developed the only automatic coupon and cash back app for mobile devices .

Piggy Coupon Codes AppJust to sum it all up for you, Piggy is an automatic coupon and cashback app that makes saving money a lot easier when purchasing online. Piggy helps find coupon codes for its users for free. If Piggy doesn’t find any (since coupon codes expire depending on the merchants/stores), Piggy gives cash back instead. Still, users get to save money with this or even get both of its benefits, the cashback and the coupons. (upon checkout). Moreover, users can also get free stuff through an accumulation of cashback earned. Users have a choice whether they want free stuff to be delivered to them or cash it all out. There is also a referral program; When users refer a friend and friend accepts, the user gets a bonus of $5 and up.

Now available for Android and IOS, the Piggy app does two things: It finds and automatically applies coupon codes while you shop, and pays you cash even when there are no coupons to be found. A big advantage of Piggy is that unlike other apps, it works in the background while you shop in your device’s browser. So now you no longer need to install multiple apps to shop on your phone or tablet.

You may install the app here to get to know more about Piggy:

It’s easy, install the app, join, register and once that’s done just simply browse to what of the participating stores and wait for Piggy to show up and it’s as easy as that.

I had some questions for Piggy when I was talking with them and I got some good and easy replies.

1. How does Piggy achieve financial sustainability? 
  • Piggy receives commissions out of the percentages that the 3000 merchant partners give. That’s how Piggy receives income.
2. What kind of security is in place when using the Piggy app?
  • Piggy lets the merchants handle users personal info. In short, Piggy doesn’t store personal information of users but instead merchants as they proceed to checkout.
  • Piggy only finds coupon codes for the users, and give cash back when there’s no available coupon code.

At this time I can’t test the app as it’s not available to any of my devices. However, I heard good things from people who have. I guess will just have to leave it at that and see in the near future.

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Piggy Coupon Codes App That Makes Shopping On Mobile Pretty Awesome! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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