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BOBINE Flex C charging dock cable apparatus! [Review]

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Now comes the BOBINE Flex C charging dock cable which offers the same high quality but doubles up as a dock. Confused yet? Well, that’s ok, that’s why I’m here. It’s a cable and a dock at the same time, who knew!

BOBINE Flex C charging dock

In the past, I’ve reviewed the TITAN M micro USB cable from the company Fuse Chicken, I know, the name in itself is interesting. They do claim to have indestructible cable to the normal use of how we humans will use them. Hacking at it with a chainsaw, or metal works is “NOT” normal use.

Alright Fuse Chicken, slick move there, now let’s see how well this cable handles itself in my daily run in with life. I’m an urban slick that lives in Ottawa and I’ve got some for something such as the BOBINE Flex C charging dock cable both at home, the office and wherever I happen to find myself at.

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It works well as a stand-alone desk dock, it charges my smartphone. It’s also great for work, the phone just sits there and looks pretty. I’m going to use this cable in every scenario I can put it through just because.

I won’t go as far as testing out the indestructible nature of the cable, you can find plenty of those on the internet. Normal consumer usage is what this cable is meant for and therefore, those extreme videos took this a bit far. When faced with claims of being indestructible I can understand why.

However, definitely enough to withstand the typical house abuse of a family.

Time to check to see if the cable is compliant with the 56k Ohm resistor needed for a legacy USB-A cable connected to the USB-C device.


Using this aft working split in the middle of my two monitors has is magical! Charges my phone, I can see what’s going on and I can interact without having a need to actually pick-up my smartphone.

The BOBINE Flex C is easy to transport and carry around; Just throw it into your pocket, backpack or laptop and go. Easy setup, use and it’s affordable.

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The product goes for $29.95 USD if you order directly from Fuse Chicken themselves! Not bad of a price for a cable that will last you quite a long haul.

BOBINE FLEX C : The World's Most Flexible Android Dock


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