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Portable AC outlet, USB-C, USB-A RAVPower delivers 20100 battery power!

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Are you RAVPower hungry enough? This is one of those accessories you may want to throw into your bag or car. Portable AC outlet, USB-C, USB-A RAVPower delivers 20100 battery power! Selling on Amazon Canada for $129 (product link at the bottom) you can easily add this to your daily activities. This allows you the freedom to operate anywhere, anytime there’s no power accessible to you. The most common places are the coffee shop or the pub. Portable AC outlet

Review Xtorm Power Bank Limitless. Portable AC outlet, USB-C, USB-A RAVPower delivers 20100 battery power!

New-and-Improved Version: 2-prong AC output with a power supply on/off switch indicator for devices up to 50W (To turn ON the AC power, hold the power button for 8 seconds).

Charge Two Devices at Once: Type-C and iSmart USB ports allow for fast and simultaneous charging of a MacBook and other devices that make use of the Type-C port. With the expanded gadgets now making use of the Type-C as a standard, we are bound to see a lot more come out. Portable AC outlet.


A 20100mAh Power House; Enough juice to charge an iPhone 7 for 5.6 times, a Galaxy S8 for 3.7 times, Pixel 2 XL 3 times, or the 12” MacBook 1 time Faster Recharge Between Uses: With the 19V/1.6A DC input, the battery recharges in just 3.5 hours while 5 LED lights indicate remaining battery.


Advanced Protection: Keep your gadgets safe from overcharge, short circuit, and power surges with air vents for heat dissipation. I can’t stress enough with this one. Many portable batteries don’t indicate if they provide adequate device protection from overcharge, surge, or anything else that can happen and this is where I’m happy to see this one does.

There’s no doubt you’re familiar with portable chargers, the difference, in this case, is the added benefits of having an AC outlet. This definitely adds in terms of what you can charge with it. I can charge my tablet, laptop, drone and a bunch of other gadgets.

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