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Xtorm Power Bank Limiteless
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Review Xtorm Power Bank Limitless 10.000

This is the review Xtorm Power Bank Limitless 10.000 as the name implies, limitless, but it is really? Xtorm has been in the game for a long time now supplying a portable power source to the masses. They might not be well known here in Canada, but they do offer lots of options. Review Xtorm Power Bank Limitless

Review Xtorm Power Bank Limitless

Xtorm Power Bank LimitelessThis is probably one of the few on the market that are rugged, IP68 rated which translates into being waterproof. Yeah, you read correctly, WATERPROOF. It’s a 10K mAh battery with 2 USB-A port capable of delivering 2.4A and 1A with a micro USB port to recharge the device.

Granted this is not the latest and greatest in terms of power output, however, this will definitely do the job for most consumers. The price of the Xtorm is what will drive people to go after a different brand. The prices are way out there and you can definitely get something much cheaper in the Canadian market. The cost of this unit is roughly $135 CAD.

If you’ve stopped reading after the price, I don’t blame you. Alternative brands in Canada offer more for the price.

While the housing is waterproof and offers a ballistic casing, this rugged power bank will be there to take a hit. This is the battery pack you should take out with you if you’re going in the wild. There’s a flashlight integrated into it and you know that you’ll be able to get at least 2 to 3 full charge if you happen to be charging your smartphone.

Al421-Xtorm-Power-Bank-Limitless_Cryovex_Martin_Android_News 2

The Xtorm Power Bank Limitless is highly efficient and loses the least amount of energy during the charging process. With being equipped with an APM-chip, the power bank automatically balances the correct charging power, efficiently dividing the power between the attached devices.

Al421-Xtorm-Power-Bank-Limitless_Cryovex_Martin_Android_News 3

Now, the IP68 Rating means that it’s protected against water to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes, as well as being protected against dust.

Al421-Xtorm-Power-Bank-Limitless_Cryovex_Martin_Android_News 5

Not quite 1.5 meters right, but you get the point I’m trying to reach with this.

Al421-Xtorm-Power-Bank-Limitless_Cryovex_Martin_Android_News 4

The goal of a power bank is to be able to provide you juice on the go, which it did for me. It was rugged enough to take the abuse that I’ve put in through while on a recent trip. It was also a sport, it let me dunk it in water just to show that it still works afterwards.

Where this sours, is the cost of the device in Canada. I like it a lot, but my wallet says that I’m crazy. Being in Canada we get the sharp end of a stick when it comes to electronic most of the time…

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Review Xtorm Power Bank Limitless 10.000 - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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