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No ads on lockscreen is a stance that Google is taking seriously

No ads on lockscreen is a stance that Google is taking seriously and this could get your app on the Play Store delisted. We all know that Google is in it with ads themselves right? We’ve seen plenty of apps that generate ads, pop-ups, overlay ads and just overall creating chaos for a user.
The next step to limit the intrusiveness has now reached the elimination of ADS on lockscreen generated by apps being installed on one’s phone. No ads on lockscreen

Google YouTube EditionThis new policy covers all Android applications that insert ads into the lockscreen of a device. Now, this policy may not apply to certain applications and here’s where it get’s dicey; Applications that are lockscreen dedicated which do have ads are exempt because their exclusive purpose is being a “lockscreen” application. In an effort to bring more light to this, you can check the relevant rule in place:

  • Lockscreen Monetization
    • Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lockscreen, apps may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device.

You can understand how this could get into some interesting territory.

Developers are still able to make money of said application as long as it’s designed to be a lockscreen app. This ultimately should clear up the lockscreen of some of the garbage we’ve seen and become increasingly alarming over the last little while. Now we just need to sit back relax and wait, how will Google enforce this new policy and will they be swift about it?

I can think of an app that’s got quite the following “ES File Explorer” which does inject ads into the lockscreen; It’s going to be very interesting to see how they’ll respond or if anything will actually happen to apps of that nature.

The end results are No ads on lockscreen!

No ads on lockscreen


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