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Wireless charging pad CHOETECH

Wireless charging pad CHOETECH currently on sale! QI CERTIFIED

Wireless charging pad CHOETECH currently is on sale for $19.99 Canadian while also being a certified QI charger. This means you can charge devices such as the S8, the iPhone X or a smartwatch. The options are their people and for the cost, this is a great idea!

ReviewCHOETECH is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium. It is slower than cable charging. It is for standard charging speed, NOT for fast charging. It has 1 coil with a limited charging area. It will charge better when you align your phone with the sweet spot for the charging pad. It’s normal to get the phone warm during charging. No metal phone cases or cases thicker than 4 mm when charging. (Otterbox case must be removed)

There’s some security built-into the charging pad with an Integrated smart chip inside it that ensures the charging pad doesn’t overheat or fluctuate in voltage.

While the package does include the charging pad and cable, you may need to make sure you get yourself standard 2.1A wall plug as it’s not provided with this device. You get 12 months of warranty and customer support and they’ve been great at resolving any issues you may get with the accessories you get. Up to this point, myself, I haven’t had any issues with any of their products.

Wireless charging pad CHOETECH

Below you’ll find the links to the certified QI charging pad by CHOETECH! Inlcuding wall adapter and cable if you need them.

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