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Block Party Tylt Cryovex Review
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Having a Block Party? TYLT is here to deliver some power!

TYLT isn’t known to be cheap, they are known for making good accessories, innovative products for the consumer market. Yes, I’m very aware that you could go ahead and get that $30 speaker instead. We all get cheap at one point or another, but when we do need something solid, TYLT is the way to go. Block Party TYLT



Block Party Tylt Cryovex Review

Next-in-line from TYLT is the ever so charming Block Party. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that’s detachable capable of delivering 5W of sound on it own. The speaker can deliver up to 4 hours of playback and if you have it connected to the base it will serve up to 72 hours worth of music.

The speaker offers an on and off switch, a micro USB input for charging the unit separately from the base and an AUX that allows you to daisy chain this puppy. The base of the speaker offers 4-ports that will conveniently charge up to 4 devices with a max of 2A per ports. This bad boy holds up to 20 000 mAh worth of juice so that you can keep everything running smoothly.

It’s water resistant and can easily be used at the pool, beach, camp or anywhere else you might want to play some tunes all the while keeping your device charged up. After running around with it during August and September it’s officially replaced my previous TYLT speaker that we’ve been using for a few years, now with the ability to charge devices, we’ve left the battery pack at home and we carry this with us instead.

When it comes to the actual sound of the speaker, it’s able to deliver some good all-around sound, the quality coming from it is above the competition. With the volume maxed out from the video above you can note that there’s also no distortion like you would encounter is a lot of Bluetooth speaker, the bass is heavy at the right place, the highs are also noted to be clear and crips. The mids, however, are a bit recessed and could use some work.

As with anything from TYLT, you’re paying for premium quality and excellent service customer care if you need it. They also offer an excellent warranty on all of their products. The Block Party from TYLT comes in at $149.99 USD. Block Party TYLT

Block Party Tylt Cryovex Review[amazon_link asins=’B00DG8LNKE,B0176NNR4O,B00J5UX89Q’ template=’ProductCarousel2′ store=’cryounfiltere-20′ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’a95dae2d-b40e-11e7-beb8-83ac671215d5′]

Having A Block Party? Tylt Is Here To Deliver Some Power! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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